11 Fun Valentine’s Day Breakfasts to Make for the Kids!

I don’t know about you and your special someone, but my husband and I just aren’t that into Valentine’s Day. Never have been, never will be. That said, since kids have entered the picture, the holiday is a lot more fun in our house. While making a big deal out of Valentine’s Day isn’t really our thing as a couple, it is really fun making it a big deal with the kids! I love doing fun Valentine’s activities with the kids, like making cards for each other and cookies for the neighbors. It’s a blast! I also love thinking of ways to make my kids’ meals for the day a little more festive, marked with an added touch of love.

Breakfast is a great time to have a little Valentine’s Day fun with the kiddos! It starts the day off on a happy note, and there are so many fun ways to turn breakfast food into something worthy of Saint Valentine himself. These fun Valentine’s Day breakfasts to make for the kids are sure to put everyone in your family into a loving mood!

  • Start Valentine’s Day Off Right! 1 of 12

    Kick off the holiday of love with some super cute and yummy breakfast food!

  • Heart-Shaped Doughnuts 2 of 12

    These donuts are baked and not fried, making for an easier and {sort-of} healthier heart-shaped treat for your little valentines!

    Babble has the recipe!

  • Valentine’s Day Scones 3 of 12

    What better way to start off Valentine's Day than with a buttery, delicious heart-shaped scone?

    Babble has the recipe!

  • Red Velvet Pancakes 4 of 12

    These pancakes are perfect for Valentine's Day, both for their color and flavor. They're easy to throw together, too!

    Babble has the recipe!

  • Bacon Bouquet 5 of 12

    The way to my daughter's heart is with bacon her heart would burst if presented with a bouquet of bacon flowers!

    Babble has the recipe!

  • Lacy Heart Crepes 6 of 12

    These completely gorgeous heart crepes will have your kids remembering Valentine's Day for a long time to come.

    Babble has the recipe!

  • Heart-Shaped Toast (No Cookie Cutter Required!) 7 of 12

    I am for sure doing this to our toast on Valentine's Day morning so easy and so cute!

    Babble has the recipe!

  • Nutella-Stuffed French Toast 8 of 12

    Chocolate and strawberries practically scream Valentine's Day. This French toast takes the combo over the top!

    Babble has the recipe!

  • Heart-Shaped Pancakes (No Fancy Tools Required!) 9 of 12

    This recipe for heart-shaped pancakes is spectacular as it offers a great technique for getting perfectly shaped hearts!

    Get the recipe from One Creative Mommy

    Photo source: One Creative Mommy

  • Valentine’s Day Egg in a Hole 10 of 12

    So simple and so cute a heart shaped egg in a hole!

    Get the recipe from Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

    Photo source: Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

  • Cream-Filled Strawberries 11 of 12

    These little treats combine two of my kids' favorite foods strawberries and cream. I'm pretty sure if I gave them a plate of these on Valentine's Day they'd 'be mine' forever!

    Get the recipe from Cafe Johnsonia

    Photo source: Cafe Johnsonia

  • Chocolate-Covered Cherry Monkey Bread 12 of 12

    Monkey bread is always a blast to serve kids. Red monkey bread smothered in chocolate makes it perfect for the day of love!

    Get the recipe from Wine and Glue

    Photo source: Wine and Glue

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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