8 Healthier Twists on Kids’ Favorite Desserts: From Cookies to Ice Cream

Kids, and many of their parents, love sweets. Classic kids’ desserts, like milkshakes, cake, and cookies, seem to be everywhere, and that can make it difficult to stick to a healthy daily regimen. To help, I’ve rounded 8 healthy takes on classic kids’ dessert recipes. Now, your kids can have their favorite treats without a big dose of parent guilt. Head below for 8┬áhealthier updates of everyone’s favorite desserts!



Apple Pie
Image Source: Elizabeth Stark

Looking for a dessert with all the homeyness and sweetness of apple pie with way less fat and sugar? These “apple pies” are perfect. Baked in a wholesome real apple, they’re topped with just a tiny circle of crust (which reduces the fat considerably). As an added bonus, they have a natural serving size, which is great for those of us who don’t always go for the thinnest sliver of the pie.
Make apple pie in the apple


Banana Splits
Image Source: Elizabeth Stark

There’s nothing like the flavor synergy of chocolate, bananas, and ice cream, but the typical banana split can pack over 1,000 calories. Lighten things way up with these tiny banana split bites: tiny banana pieces are hollowed out, filled with ice cream, and dipped in chocolate. Yum!
Make mini banana splits


Strawberry Banana Bread
Image Source: Elizabeth Stark

Banana bread is a classic and this healthier vesion features whole wheat and quinoa flours, and is brimming with sweet strawberries.
Get the recipe here.


Image Source: Elizabeth Stark

Refreshing desserts from the freezer don’t have to be loaded with chemicals, additives, and sugar. Using fresh-squeezed juice, yogurt, and a smidge of honey, you can make your own ice pops with delicious whole food ingredients and big citrus flavor.

Make blood orange creamsicles


Pecan Pie Squares
Image Source: Julie Van Rosendaal

There healthier pecan bars are a great alternative to pecan pie, which can be loaded with calories and fat. These delicious whole grain treats are brimming with heart-healthy fats from the pecans and a bit of whole grain to boot!

>Get the recipe here.


Carrot Cake
Image Source: Elizabeth Stark

Owing to the presence of carrots, carrot cake can seem healthy, but many versions can have over 500 calories. This carrot cake recipe makes use of natural sugars, whole grains, and a much lighter (but still creamy and delicious) cream cheese frosting.
Make wholesome carrot cake


Chocolate Cake
Image Source: Elizabeth Stark

Who doesn’t love chocolate cake? Nobody. And that’s the problem. But this lightened-up vegan cake is pretty low in fat and is wonderful with just a dusting of confectioners sugar instead of a slathering of frosting, which is often what really gets you calorie-wise.
Make vegan chocolate cake


Chocolate Chip Cookies
Image Source: Brooke Lark | Cheeky Kitchen

Everyone’s favorite cookie isn’t exactly good for you. And, since chocolate chip cookies are so tasty, odds are slim that you’ll eat just one. Instead, try these lightened-up chocolate chip cookies. They’ve got a few healthy tricks up their sleeve and come in at about 65 calories a pop for a generously sized cookie. That means your kids (and you!) can enjoy a couple for a satisfying dessert.
Get the recipe here


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