11 Tasty Microwave Desserts to Satisfy Your Late-Night Cravings

Have you seen Jaime’s Lazy Late Night Cooking Corner series from Pretty Prudent? It’s all easy to make treats that only take a few minutes in the microwave. She’s a genius mom who knows that once the kids go down all we want to do is veg on the couch with our DVR and a treat, but we are too tired to make a 30+ minute dessert. All we want is that rich brownie or cheese cake or lemon bar or cinnamon roll (yes, cinnamon roll!), or so many other treats after our long day. Jaime’s got you covered. Click through for all her great recipes while I go make some 4 minute potato chips.

  • Jaime’s Lazy Late Night Cooking Corner 1 of 12
    late night treats
  • Single Serve Microwave Rice Crispy Treats 2 of 12

    I've spent many nights stirring over a stove until my arm felt like it was going to fall off just so I could have a rice crispy treat. Never again thanks to this quick and easy recipe!

    Make Pretty Prudent's Single Serve Microwave Rice Crispy Treats.

  • Microwave Blueberry Cobbler in a Cup 3 of 12

    I've made my own 5 Minute Cobbler in a Jar. Taste test time.

    Make Pretty Prudent's Microwave Blueberry Cobbler in a Cup.

  • Microwave Single Serving Cinnamon Roll Experiment 4 of 12

    This cinnamon roll can be in your mouth in 45 seconds. Ok.

    Make Pretty Prudent's Microwave Single Serving Cinnamon Roll Experiment.

  • Microwave Strawberry Shortcake for Two 5 of 12

    Let your hubs in on some of the dessert action with this romantic strawberry shortcake for two.

    Make Pretty Prudent's Microwave Strawberry Shortcake for Two.

  • Easy Microwave Lemon Bar 6 of 12

    All you need for the lemon filling is lemon curd and whipped cream and place on an easy to make shortbread crust and you've got a lemon bar.

    Make Pretty Prudent's Easy Microwave Lemon Bar.

  • Microwave Cheesecake in a Cup 7 of 12

    Cheesecake is one of those late night craving satisfiers, but it takes forever to make. Jaime has solved that problem for us, thank you.

    Make Pretty Prudent's Microwave Cheesecake in a Cup.

  • 3 Minute Guinness Chocolate Mug Cake 8 of 12

    Wow, this dessert is right up my alley, drink a beer and use the rest to make a mug cake. Sign me up.

    Make Pretty Prudent's 3 Minute Guinness Chocolate Mug Cake.

  • 4 Minute Carrot Cake in a Jar 9 of 12

    Delicious spice cake with cream cheese frosting in 4 minutes. There goes the bikini bod. (ha! what bikini bod?!)

    Make Pretty Prudent's 4 Minute Carrot Cake in a Jar.

  • 4 Minute Potato Chips 10 of 12

    Oh no she didn't. If my husband catches wind of this we will have a lifetime supply of potatoes in the house.

    Make Pretty Prudent's 4 Minute Potato Chips.

  • 2 Minute Apple Pie 11 of 12

    Apple season is coming upon us making this a timely treat to take advantage of all the apple flavor offerings. PS, I vote for no cheese on an apple pie, just more crust and ice cream and apples and sugar. I may need to double this recipe.

    Make Pretty Prudent's 2 Minute Apple Pie.

  • 1 Minute Bacon Mug Brownie 12 of 12

    Are you kidding me with this? Bacon? Brownie? Stop now, please.

    Make Pretty Prudent's 1 Minute Bacon Mug Brownie.

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