11 Magical Mocktails for Kids

With parties galore, it’s easy to plan for those adult beverages, but for friends with kids, your own kids, those serving as designated drivers or just not imbibing themselves, here are a few classic mocktails that will let them enjoy the party without the alcohol.

  • Candy Apple Cider 1 of 16
    Candy Apple Cider
    All you need are two ingredients to make this warm apple cider. And one of them is candy! Kids won't say no to that ...
    Make candy apple cider
  • Candy Cane Shooters 2 of 16
    Candy Cane Shooters
    These minty shooters are mostly made of milk, with a hint of festive cheer. Perfect to make as an after-dinner drink to please your little elves!
    Make candy cane shooters
  • Hot Apple Cider 3 of 16
    Hot Apple Cider
    Marshmallows make any drink more fun, but honey-rum extract takes this cider over the top!
    Make hot apple cider
  • Kir Speciale 4 of 16
    Kir Speciale
    Give the little ones' sparkling cider a little somethin' extra by dropping in some frozen berries. They'll feel so grown-up drinking from such a gussied-up glass!
    Make Kir Speciale
  • Peppermint Hot Chocolate 5 of 16
    Peppermint Hot Chocolate
    Give classic hot chocolate a little punch by adding in some leftover candy canes. The kids won't feel a buzz, but they will feel a tingle!
    Make peppermint hot chocolate
  • Spiced Honey Milk Punch 6 of 16
    Spiced Honey Milk Punch
    Since the kids can't really enjoy eggnog yet, serve up this milk punch, which is warm and cozy enough for Christmas.
    Make spiced honey milk punch
  • Butterbeer 7 of 16
    Butterbeer is the non-alcoholic drink of choice for Harry Potter, and our frothy concoction is nothing short of magical.
    Make butterbeer
  • Cranberry Thyme Sparkler 8 of 16
    Cranberry Thyme Sparkler
    This fruity sparkler has just enough fizz to satisfy those who are too young to pop the real bubbly on New Year's Eve.
    Make cranberry thyme sparkler
  • Frozen Hot Chocolate 9 of 16
    Frozen Hot Chocolate
    Serve this creamy, frothy hot chocolate in a wine or champagne glass so the kids can feel fancy and grown-up sans alcohol.
    Make frozen hot chocolate
  • Mango Lime Smoothies 10 of 16
    Mango Lime Smoothies
    A little bit of mango mocktail never hurt anyone. Try this one for a Cinco de Mayo-esque celebration in the winter!
    Make mango lime smoothies
  • Pumpkin Juice 11 of 16
    Pumpkin Juice
    Another Harry Potter favorite. Kids will go nuts for your Hogsmeade brews.
    Make pumpkin juice
  • Frozen Margaritas 12 of 16
    Frozen Margaritas
    Frozen margaritas can be fun for all ages — without the alcohol, of course. And if you skip the blueberries on top, the red and white would look quite Christmas-y!
    Make frozen margaritas
  • Jell-O Shots 13 of 16
    Jell-O Shots
    Chunky fruit gummies really make these kid-friendly Jell-O shots over-the-top adorable.
    Make Jell-O shots
  • Concord Grape and Lemon Puree 14 of 16
    Concord Grape and Lemon Puree
    We'd like to think of this as grape juice for special occasions.
    Make Concord grape and lemon puree
  • Strawberry Mojitos 15 of 16
    Strawberry Mojitos
    Mojitos may typically be a summer drink, but this red and green color scheme reminds us of Christmas. Bottoms up!
    Make strawberry mojitos
  • Grape Jell-O Cups 16 of 16
    Grape Jell-O Cups
    Martinelli's sparkling cider is a holiday staple — and the main ingredient in these fun (and non-alcoholic!) Jell-O shots.
    Make grape Jell-O cups


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