11 Signs You’re Addicted to Iced Coffee

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The first time I heard of iced coffee, I thought it sounded like a pretty dumb idea. I mean, coffee is what you drink a nice hot mug of in the morning to wake you up and savor a couple of quiet, cozy minutes before the day gets started. You wrap your hands around the steaming mug and soak in the comfort of a warm cup of Joe.

Then I actually tried iced coffee and a best friendship was formed for life. (Also, now that I’m a mom, I have no idea what “quiet, cozy minutes” even are.)

I don’t know what it is about the iced version, but it’s 10 times more refreshing and delicious then a mug of the traditional hot stuff, and you don’t have to wait for it to cool off without risking a third-degree burn to your tongue.

With milk or without milk, during winter or summer, triple caf or decaf, I want it iced and I want it all the time. I know I’m not alone in this addiction, especially as the hot summer season starts to make its grand entrance.

Here are 11 signs you might be addicted, too.

1. You know what “cold-brewed” means.

And not only that, you swear by it. And no, it’s not just like putting an old pitcher of hot coffee in the fridge to cool off.

2. Your barista knows your order by heart.

And you may or may not see him more than your best friend every week.

3. You brew an extra batch of coffee just so you can freeze it into ice cubes.

Heaven forbid plain old ice cubes water down your coffee as they inevitably melt.

4. You’re never more than a hand’s reach away from a cup with a lid and straw.

Chances are there are three or four empty ones in your car or on your desk at any given time.

5. You drink iced coffee in the dead of winter.

Even though the temps are frigid and you’re wearing fuzzy socks and a hooded sweatshirt to keep warm.

6. You’ve perfected the art of decaf cold brew.

So you can enjoy your iced vice at any time of day without impacting your sleep. Move this one to the top of the list when pregnant or breastfeeding or just on your tenth cup for the day.

7. You know to order an Americano instead of an iced coffee …

… if you’re opting for the decaf variety in the afternoon from a coffee shop. It may not be the real deal, but it trumps watering down a weak cup of hot stuff.

8. You don’t save your iced coffee fix for the morning.

Because chances are, if you’re a mom, morning is the tenth time you’ve woken up for the day.

9. You cringe when you see or hear “ice” coffee.

It’s “iced” and you know it.

10. You never actually make it anywhere with a cup of the iced goodness.

Because you down it before you ever get where you’re going.

11. You burn your mouth to high heaven if you’re mistakenly given a cup of hot stuff.

Assuming you can immediately gulp it down without consequence.

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