11 Terrible (and Hilarious) Restaurant Sign Fails

Sometimes you have to wonder who is in charge of restaurant signs. I mean, is it just that people don’t read what they post or they truly don’t know how these sayings can be mis-read? I am sure in a few instances a letter or two fell off and it changed the meaning of the sign, but not in all of them. Take a look through this terrible, and terrifically hilarious, restaurant sign fail slideshow. Of course, if you see any restaurant sign fails we’ve missed please let us know!

  • Wendy’s 1 of 11
    Fox filet anyone?
    Photo credit: The View From Right Here
  • Dairy Queen 2 of 11
    I think a lot of parents won't appreciate this!
    Photo credit: WeKnowMemes
  • KFC 3 of 11
    A bit of a low-blow for poor Hilary!
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • No Entry! 4 of 11
    Hmm, must be opposite world!
    Photo credit: Funny Signs
  • Burger King 5 of 11
    Why is Angus such a tough word to spell?!
    Photo Credit: I Am Not a Hamster
  • Papa John’s 6 of 11
    Someone tell Will Smith!
    Photo Credit: Random Funny Picture
  • McDonald’s 7 of 11
    No cheeseburger for you!
    Photo Credit: I Has a Funny
  • Micro Wok 8 of 11
    Well, at least they cleared that up!
    Photo credit: Bongo News
  • The Lighthouse 9 of 11
    Who knew Cod was so influential?!
    Photo Credit: The View From Right Here
  • McDonald’s – The Repeat Offender 10 of 11
    Umm, no thanks!
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • Very Specific 11 of 11
    Well, that is one way to obey your boss...

Photo: I Has A Funny

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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