11 Unique Crusts to Give Your Pie a Flavor Boost

Do you think you have an award-wining pie on your hands? Or perhaps just your favorite go-to pie. Well, after making the cheese cracker crust to enhance the apple cheddar pie, I found a whole new importance of just the right crust. Whether it’s a cinnamon roll crust for a pumpkin pie or a nutter butter crust for a chocolate peanut butter pie, the crust is what will take it over the top. Keep reading for more ways to take your pie to the next level…

  • Homemade Cheese Cracker Apple Pie 1 of 11
    This is what started it all, the delectable cheese cracker pie crust. This would be perfect for savory pie and quiches, too.
    Make your own Homemade cheese cracker apple pie
  • Sweet Lime Pie With Pretzel Crust 2 of 11
    The perfect balance of sweet and salty with the creamy sweetness of the lime filling and the crunchy, saltiness of the pretzel crust.
    Make your own Sweet lime pie with pretzel crust
  • Vegan ‘Banilla’ Cream Pie With Walnut Crust 3 of 11
    Walnut crust. Yum, how I love walnuts, boo for being allergic. I bet I could sub pecan.
    Make your own vegan banilla cream pie, walnut crust, ginger caramel
  • French Silk Brownie Pie 4 of 11
    This would not last in my house, it's got all my favorite things -- chocolate mousse, brownies and whipped cream. I mean a brownie crust?! This would taste great with banana cream pie, too.
    Get the recipe for French silk brownie pie at Pinch Of Yum
  • Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Pie 5 of 11
    It's like a graham cracker crust to the extreme. You smash the entire cookie and mix with melted butter so you get that creamy peanut butter flavor along with the crunchy peanut butter cookie.
    Get the recipe for nutter butter peanut butter pie at Make Useful
  • Vanilla Wafer Pie Crust 6 of 11
    Vanilla wafer crust will go with just about any cream pie (can you imagine banana cream pie with this crust?!). I also like the idea of making a fruit pie, like strawberry in this crust.
    Get the recipe for vanilla wafer pie crust at Mahalo
  • Cinnamon Pie Crust 7 of 11
    Seriously?! This is to die for and for me, begging to be filled with pumpkin pie.
    Get the recipe for cinnamon roll pie crust at The Giggling Chef
  • Idaho Shell Pie Crust 8 of 11
    A savory pie is still a a pie. I think my kids would beg for this every night. I also, think I just might have to adapt it to fill with my chicken and dumplings.
    Get the recipe for Idaho potato shell pie crust at Food Management
  • Mint Chip Ice Cream Pie With Rice Krispie Crust 9 of 11
    All you have to do is mix melted chocolate and rice cereal for this incredible crust.
    Get the recipe for mint chip ice cream pie at Real Simple
  • Parmesan Cheese Crust 10 of 11
    I like the idea of the blueberry filling, but I think I would like this crust even more with a quiche filling.
    Get the recipe for blueberry ginger pie with parmesan cheese crust at Mess In The Kitchen
  • Yogurt Parfait With Cheerio Pie Crust 11 of 11
    This one will have the kids devouring their breakfast in no time. It's healthy too because it's made with yogurt, fresh fruit and cheerio pie crust.
    Get the recipe for yogurt parfait pie crust at Cooking With My Kid

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