11 Vegan Ways to Stuff an Avocado

Avocado lovers, this one is for you! With Cinco de Mayo coming up this weekend, you are sure to have plenty of avocados in your kitchen. And maybe even a few leftover next week. Well give your guacamole cravings a rest and try a creative, vegan, stuffed-avocado recipe! Also known as a deviled avocado. These delicious creations like Asian-stuffed, chipotle-stuffed, spicy-quinoa stuffed and even curry sauce slathered avos are a fun way to turn your avocado love into a meal! And for Cinco de Mayo, try Tex-Mex stuffed or taco-stuffed avocados. Get these vegan recipes and check out these yummy pics..

  • 11 Ways to Stuff and Avocado 1 of 12
    Get 11 creative and delicious ways to stuff an avocado!

    Check out these creative recipes to make any avocado into something amazing! Get 11 ways to stuff an avocado..

  • Taco-Stuffed Avocado 2 of 12
    Try a taco-stuffed avocado

    This sassy and savory meal-in-an-avocado uses all those bold taco flavors you crave. Spicy vegan chorizo, aka soy-rizo, rich creamy guac, tomatoes and lime. Plus as many crunchy crushed taco shells as you need to scoop out all those flavors! Make taco-stuffed avocados.

    photo credit: Kathy Patalsky

  • Buffalo-Chickpea Stuffed Avocado 3 of 12
    buffalo-chickpea stuffed avocado

    These savory buffalo-chickpea stuffed avocados include portobello mushrooms and vegan goat cheese! Try these creative flavors! Make buffalo-chickpea stuffed avocados, recipe on Spa Bettie.

    photo credit: Kristina, Spa Bettie

  • Sweet and Bold Curry Crunch Avocados 4 of 12
    Curry Crunch Avocados

    These Curry Crunch Avocados combine the spicy bold flavor of hot curry with some crunchy sweet flavors from green apple and sweet onion. Some hemp seeds and lemon in there too. These boldly flavored avocados will have you craving curry flavors! Make Curry Crunch Avocados, recipe on Healthy Happy Life

    photo credit: Kathy Patalsky

  • Tex-Mex Stuffed Avocados 5 of 12
    Try these Tex Mex Stuffed Avocados

    These hearty Tex-Mex stuffed avocados include tomatoes, black beans and plenty of guacamole-flavored avocado. Make Tex-Mex avocados, recipe on The blissful Chef

    photo credit: Christy, The Blissful Chef

  • Veggie Stuffed Avocados 6 of 12
    Try veggie-stuffed avocados

    These light and lovely stuffed avocados are filled with delicious veggies and either hummus or tahini. Fresh and delicious for lunch or a healthy snack. Make veggie-stuffed avocados, recipe on The Simple Veganista.

    photo credit: Julie, The Simple Veganista

  • Vegan Slaw-Stuffed Avocado 7 of 12
    Try a slaw-stuffed avocado

    This bold avocado is stuffed with creamy vegan cole slaw and some candied pistachio nuts too! Make a deviled slaw-stuffed avocado, recipe on Healthy Happy Life

    photo credit: Kathy, Healthy Happy Life

  • Chipotle Raw Avocados 8 of 12
    try raw seed stuffed avocados

    These amazing-looking avocados are stuffed with raw seeds and all sorts of goodies like kale, sunflower seeds and celery. Chipotle flavored and served out of their avocado shells! Make raw chipotle avocados, recipe on Laws on Wellness

    photo credit: Laws on Wellness

  • Summery-Stuffed Avocados 9 of 12
    Try summery stuffed avocados

    These summer-y stuffed avocados are overflowing with refreshing veggie flavors like tomato and parsley! Make summer-y stuffed avocados, recipe on The Everyday Veggie

    photo credit: The Everyday Veggie

  • Asian-Stuffed Avocado 10 of 12
    Make an Asian-Stuffed Avocado

    Tamari, ginger, sesame seeds, cabbage and edamame infuse these creative Asian-stuffed avocados. Make Asian-stuffed avocados, recipe on The Blissful Chef

    photo credit: Christy, Blissful Chef

  • Spicy Quinoa Stuffed Avocados 11 of 12
    Try quinoa-stuffed avocados

    These hearty stuffed avocados are filled with spicy-flavored quinoa and beans and veggies alike corn and onions. Plus some creamy cashew cream on top! Make spicy quinoa avocados, recipe on Bullfrogs and Bulldogs

    photo credit: Amanda, Bullfrogs and Bulldogs

  • Raw Jicama-stuffed Avocados 12 of 12
    Try jicama-stuffed avocados

    These refreshing avocados are stuffed with crunchy jicama, sunflower seeds and tomatoes. With a spicy chipotle mayo to add bold flavor! Make jicama-stuffed avocados, recipe on Rawmazing

    photo credit: Susan, Rawmazing


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