12 After School Snack Attack Ideas

It’s back to school time and you’ve got the kids’ lunches all planned out, but what happens when they return from school “starving?” I know mine need at least a week to readjust to the point where they come home and have some resemblance of my sweet children. The last thing I want to do is give them candy or sugar-filled treats upon arrival, only to have even crazier monsters take over my children when it’s time for homework. I can sneak in something sweet here and there, but they don’t have to know it’s loaded with good stuff too. Plus, why not make something fun and unexpected? Keep reading for 12 recipes sure to bring out the fun in your exhausted kiddos.

  • Munchable Lunchable 1 of 12
    Munchable Lunchable
    Create your own homemade Lunchable with healthy options so your kids can build their own snack stacks.
    Make your own Munchable lunchable
  • Soccer Power Cookies 2 of 12
    Soccer Power Cookies
    Your kids will think they are getting away with a sweet snack, but these little beauties are filled with all kind of good-for-you stuff like bananas and flax. Serve with a tall glass of milk for a calcium kick too.
    Make your own Soccer power cookies
  • Sweet Potato Bites Three Ways 3 of 12
    Sweet Potato Bites Three Ways
    Ok, so I may have snuck in a marshmallow and some brown sugar on this one, but it's a relatively small amount and if it gets the kids to eat the vitamin-packed sweet potato, why not?
    Make your own Sweet potato bites 3 ways
  • After School Popcorn Snack 4 of 12
    After School Popcorn Snack
    Kids love popcorn, I love popcorn, and you can make it a million ways. Add cheese for some calcium, fresh herbs for flavor, or whatever your heart desires because there's one guarantee no matter what: there won't be any leftovers.
    Make your own After school popcorn snack
  • Baked Corn Dog, Muffin Style 5 of 12
    Baked Corn Dog, Muffin Style
    We can't get enough of these around here. They are so much fun to chow down on; you'll have all the neighborhood kids coming over to the cool snack house.
    Make your own baked corn dog muffin style
  • Pizza Poppers 6 of 12
    Pizza Poppers
    This recipe is a sure kid pleaser. Kids + dough + cheese + sauce = gone.
    Make your own pizza poppers
  • Crudite With a Trio Of Healthier Dips 7 of 12
    Crudite With a Trio Of Healthier Dips
    Dips are a big hit with my kids and when I make these using yogurt, they not only get a healthy, flavorful option, but a serving of veggies while they are at it.
    Make your own crudités with a trio of healthier dips
  • Homemade Apple Chips 8 of 12
    Homemade Apple Chips
    Craving crunchy? Go with these delicious and crunchy apple chips. They pack more flavor than the deep fried potato variety, too!
    Make your own homemade apple chips
  • PB Apple Sandwich 9 of 12
    PB Apple Sandwich
    Skip the bread and use apple slices instead, then fill with peanut butter and sprinkle with chocolate chips. It's a sweet, gluten-free treat!
    Make your own PB apple sandwiches
  • After School Smoothie 10 of 12
    After School Smoothie
    If your kiddos get thirsty after school, this smoothie is refreshing and provides enough ingredients (like bananas and flax) to be a nutritous snack too.
    Make your own after school smoothies snack
  • Yogurt Pops Your Kid Can Make 11 of 12
    Yogurt Pops Your Kid Can Make
    Put those kids to work making their own snacks. They can make a week's worth on Sunday and enjoy throughout the week. These are great for the first month of school when it's still hot.
    Make your own yogurt pops your kid can make
  • The Official After School Snack Plate 12 of 12
    The Official After School Snack Plate
    Super fun and healthy options for your kids to customize their own snacks.
    Make your own the official after school snack plate

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