12 Dairy-Free Eggnog Recipes

You’ve probably noticed the dairy section at your local grocery store growing with non-dairy milks, and at this time of year, non-dairy nog. Sure, the convenience of buying eggnog of any variety is nice, but sometimes you just want to make something from scratch. I think it always tastes better, plus the store-bought ones often contain fillers and sweeteners that aren’t so nice. Making it at home is really easy and you can control what goes into your nog and flavor it how you like. That’s made even easier when you have a dozen great dairy-free eggnog recipes at your fingertips. Check out these ways to have your cup of cheer minus the dairy.

  • A Dozen Dairy-Free Eggnog Recipes 1 of 13
    twelve dairy-free eggnog recipes

    Get ready for twelve tasty non-dairy eggnog recipes perfect for sipping.

  • Classic Vegan Nog 2 of 13
    vegan classic nog

    Let's get this nog party started with a classic vegan nog that is ultra creamy and rich while still being incredibly healthy and tasty too.
    Get the recipe for Classic Vegan Nog from Oh She Glows.

  • Almond Eggnog 3 of 13
    almond eggnog

    This nog is made with eggs, hold the cream and sugar, with almond milk as the base. It's also sugar-free and low-carb. Be sure to add a grating of fresh nutmeg and a jigger of your favorite liqueur.
    Get the recipe for Almond Nog on All Day I Dream About Food.

  • Raw Vegan Nog 4 of 13
    raw vegan nog

    Raw nog? Yep. You read that correctly. It's healthy, creamy, and thick without any guilt and it's animal-free.
    Get the recipe for Raw Vegan Nog on This Rawsome Vegan Life.

  • Banana Nog 5 of 13
    banana nog

    Bananas lend sweetness and creaminess, especially when used for drinks like this dairy-free nog. All of the ingredients are all-natural and healthy. That definitely calls for another glass!
    Get the recipe for Banana Nog from Fat Free Vegan.

  • Egg Nog Smoothie (Vegan and GF) 6 of 13
    vegan eggnog smoothie

    Smoothies are all the rage these days and this one borders on shake. It amps up the dairy-free nog factor with a few more (secret) ingredients for an extra thick, extra creamy holiday smoothie.
    Get the recipe for Eggnog Smoothie from Beard & Bonnet.

  • Peppermint Vegan Nog 7 of 13
    vegan peppermint nog

    Another extra creamy vegan nog option - this time with a kick of peppermint. Spiking it with booze is your call. *smile*
    Get the recipe for Peppermint Vegan Nog from Oh She Glows.

  • Vegan Coconut Nog 8 of 13
    coconut nog vegan

    A great dairy-free nog for coconut lovers, this recipe is as simple as can be - no blender needed. It combines coconut milk with a bit of almond milk and spices. Try it with coconut rum for even more coconut flavor.
    Get the recipe for Vegan Coconut Nog from Kitchen Table Friends.

  • Chia Nog 9 of 13
    chia nog

    I love this fun take on eggnog. It's sans dairy and similar to chia pudding. And if you've never had chia pudding before, this wouldn't be a bad introduction.
    Get the recipe for Chia Nog on Fat Free Vegan.

  • Dairy-Free Eggnog 10 of 13
    dairy-free eggnog coconut milk

    Similar to classic dairy-laden eggnog, it's not egg-free, but does swap out the cream and milk for non-dairy milks. Full-fat coconut milk gives it an extra creamy texture.
    Get the recipe for Dairy-Free Eggnog on Gluten-Free on a Shoestring.

  • Non-Dairy Scottish Eggnog 11 of 13
    dairy-free scottish eggnog

    First of all, I was intrigued by the name - what exactly is "Scottish" eggnog, and more importantly, where can I get some? Well, I can certainly make some because now I have a recipe. It's of the, um, stronger variety of nogs. And by stronger, of course I mean booze. This one uses soy and soy cream to replace the dairy and for an extra dairy-free creaminess factor, whipped egg whites go in at the end.
    Get the recipe for Non-Dairy Scottish Eggnog from Slugs on the Refrigerator.

  • Cashew Nog 12 of 13
    cashew nog

    In my opinion, cashews make the most lovely non-dairy cream, and therefore I am quite excited to try this recipe out as soon as possible. Cashew milk is naturally sweet on its own, but this nog also contains dates for a natural, sugar-free sweetness. Also, it can be made into a delicious Nog-Tini.
    Get the recipe for Cashew Nog and it's counterpart, Nog-Tini on Positively Vegan. 

  • Vegan Pumpkin Nog 13 of 13
    vegan pumpkin nog

    You didn't leave pumpkin behind in November did you? Time to pull out that puree and start making some spicy, creamy pumpkin-flavored nog. And have a mug, or three.
    Get the recipe for Vegan Pumpkin Nog from Helyn's Healthy Kitchen.

p.s. If you still want to check out the dairy aisle at the store for non-dairy nog options, I got a kick out of this Vegan Nog-Off  and the Nog-Off Round Rematch.

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