12 Delicious Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipes

Halloween’s approach means many of us are about to be faced with more pumpkin seeds than we know what to do with. And while there’s always a baking sheet with a little salt and oil (which is awesome), these fantastic, nutty seeds can be put to a variety of fun and interesting uses. From fresh takes on roasted pumpkin seeds to more surprising recipes like enchiladas and cheesecake, there are countless uses for leftover pumpkin seeds. Here are 12 creative roasted pumpkin seed recipes that show why your annual pumpkin seed surplus is actually something to look forward to!

  • 12 Deliciously Creative Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipes 1 of 13
    12 Deliciously Creative Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipes

    Have a few extra pumpkin seeds kicking around? Of course you do! Get creative with one of these excellent, creative ways to use your leftover pumpkin seeds!

  • Slow-Roasted Pumpkin Seeds with Worcestershire 2 of 13
    12 Deliciously Creative Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipes

    Slow-roasted with simple, delicious ingredients, these pumpkin seeds are the ultimate in sophisticated fall snacking.
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Paula Jones 

  • Pumpkin Seed Enchilada Casserole 3 of 13

    Rich and cheesy enchiladas get a boost of flavor and crunch with a roasted pumpkin seed topping. Try this delicious, family friendly recipe tonight!
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Nicole Presley 

  • Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake Topped with Candied Pumpkin Seeds 4 of 13

    That's right! Cheesecake! This sweet and silky vegan pumpkin cheesecake is set off beautifully by the crunch of freshly roasted pumpkin seeds.
    Recipe Renovator has the recipe
    Image: Recipe Renovator 

  • Kettle Corn-Style Pumpkin Seeds 5 of 13

    A hint of sugar and a pinch of salt brings big salty sweet flavor to this kettle corn-style pumpkin seed recipe.
    Kitchen Treaty has the recipe
    Image: Kitchen Treaty 

  • Spiced Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 6 of 13

    High-quality chili powder is the key to these irresistible roasted pumpkin seeds. Click through for step-by-step instructions!
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Julie Van Rosendaal 

  • Roasted Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt 7 of 13

    Sea salt can bring out a surprising depth of flavor in roasted pumpkin seeds. Keep things easy and delicious with this straightforward recipe.
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Kelsey Banfield 

  • Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix 8 of 13

    We all know that pumpkin seeds are great right out of the oven, but they're also fantastic as part of a rustic trail mix. Make up this on-the-go healthy treat in minutes!
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Jennifer Leal 

  • Vegan Potato Chard Pumpkin Seed Enchiladas 9 of 13

    In this fall-perfect enchilada recipe, roasted pumpkin seeds add flavor and texture to a knockout filling. Enchiladas will never be the same!
    The Culinary Life has the recipe
    Image: The Culinary Life 

  • Roasted Pumpkin Seeds with Chili Powder, Garlic, and Parsley 10 of 13

    Babble Food's Average Betty offers up a well-seasoned take on classic pumpkin seeds. The secret to her classic recipe is a low and slow roast. Added bonus: stellar pumpkin carving tips.
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Sara O'Donnell 

  • Roasted Pumpkin Seed Pesto 11 of 13

    Too many pumpkin seeds on hand? Turn your leftovers into an herbaceous pesto. Freeze a batch, too, so you can enjoy some vivid green pesto just as the midwinter food rut hits.
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Jennifer Leal 

  • Sriracha Pumpkin Seeds 12 of 13

    Known for its flavorful, garlic-infused spiciness, Sriracha is the perfect addition to traditional roasted pumpkin seeds. Just be warned —— these pumpkin seeds can be seriously addictive.
    CBSOP has the recipe
    Image: CBSOP 

  • Sweet and Salty Pumpkin Seeds 13 of 13

    Get all the best of sweet and salty flavors with these divine cinnamon sugar-infused roasted pumpkin seeds!
    Nutmeg Nanny has the recipe
    Image: Nutmeg Nanny 

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