12 Easy Flower Cupcakes For Spring Parties

Spring is here, the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming. Why not bring some of those blooms into your party desserts in the form of pretty flower cupcakes. I’m talking about pretty flower cupcakes that anyone can make. I’ve already divulged my lack of artistry when it comes to cake decorating, so I made sure to find beautiful spring flower cupcakes that a decorating novice like me can handle. Check out all the colorful springtime flower cupcakes anyone can make.

  • Easy Flower Cupcakes For Spring Parties 1 of 13
  • Easy Blooming Daisy Cupcakes 2 of 13
    This sweet daisy is made with a marshmallow, just cut a large marshmallow, place it on the frosting and it becomes petals.
    Make blooming daisy cupcakes
  • Spring Blossoms Oreo Flower Cupcake 3 of 13
    Start with an oreo cookie placed on the center of your cupcakes and use a can of frosting to create ruffled petals.
    Make spring blossoms oreo flower cupcakes
  • Garden Cupcakes 4 of 13
    Find some culed chocolate at a cake supply store, drost the cupcake and dip into curled chocolate. So easy!
    Make garden cupcakes
  • Spring Cupcakes 5 of 13
    Feeling the need to brighten things up for spring? Try making these colorful cupcakes in adorable cupcake cups.
    Make spring cupcakes
  • Eat Dirt With Flower Pot Cakes 6 of 13
    Bake a cupcake rigth in a flower pot and decorate with crushed oreo and a real flower for a realistic dessert. Kids will have a blast digging into the "dirt"
    Make dirt with flower pot cakes
  • Flower Cupcakes 7 of 13
    Would you believe that the petals on these cupcakes are actually cut mini marshmallows dipped into colored sugar? It's true.
    Make flower cupcakes image credit: Little Spatula
  • Flower Cupcake In A Cone 8 of 13
    Love that these are baked right into a cone and the colorful flowers on top are actually gummy candy. So easy and such a fun treat.
    Make flower cupcake in a cone
  • Flower Basket Cupcakes 9 of 13
    How adorable, a flower blanket! Al you need is a piece of licorice and some gummy candy to make this springtime bouquet.
    Make flower basket cupcake
  • Flower Power Cake 10 of 13
    This may be a cake, but it's covered in flower cupcakes. The flower power cake is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
    Make flower power cake
  • F Is For Flower Cupcake 11 of 13
    Place a cupcake into a mini flower pot and pipe some simple petals for a sunshiny treat.
    Make F is for flower cupcake
  • Everblossom Cupcakes 12 of 13
    The petals are white candy melts! What a great idea, so easy and fun that even my kids can make these.
    Make everblossom cupcakes
  • Spring Flower Cupcakes 13 of 13
    It amazing what a few gummy candies can do to transform a cupcake into something bright and beautiful.
    Make spring flower cupcakes

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