12 Healthy Snacks that Hold the Sugar But Keep It Sweet

  • Fruit and Oat Granola Bars 1 of 12
    This nut-free treat is a double-hitter — it works for breakfast or as a snack. The seeds pack the same nutritional punch as nuts and taste just as yummy.
    Make Fruit and Oat Granola Bars »
  • Mango-Lime Fruit Leather 2 of 12
    Mango-lime fruit leathers are a great alternative to packaged “fruit snacks” for a kid with a sweet tooth. Plus, you can make them with almost any fruit. Make Mango-Lime Fruit Leather »
  • Yin and Yang Black-Bottomed Banana Bread 3 of 12
    If your kids are hungry for a sweet snack, this black-bottomed banana bread balances sugar with a good dose of potassium. It also makes for a tasty breakfast.
    Make Yin and Yang Black-Bottomed Banana Bread »
  • Vegetable and Nut Bread 4 of 12
    Get your kids to eat something nutritious after school with this zucchini bread — just tell them it’s cake and no questions will be asked.
    Make Vegetable and Nut Bread »
  • Zucchini Bites 5 of 12
    These bite-sized morsels are great for pre-dinner munching. The cheesy onion topping is substantial enough to keep kids from feeling hungry, but the portions are small enough to keep them from getting too full.
    Make Zucchini Bites »
  • Anni’s Famous Guacamole with Warm Parmesan Chips 6 of 12
    Chips and dip is a classic, though usually unhealthy, snack. Avocado and homemade wheat germ chips make it heart-healthy for growing bodies.
    Make Anni's Famous Guacamole with Warm Parmesan Chips »
  • Roasted Beet Hummus 7 of 12
    What kid wouldn’t want to eat hot pink dip? The protein and fiber are just hidden health benefits.
    Make Roasted Beet Hummus »
  • Apple Slices with Nutella 8 of 12
    Slice, dip, roll, and voila! You’ve got a simple way to get your kids chomping down on some fruit.
    Make Apple Slices with Nutella »
  • GORP 9 of 12
    This classic combo of dried fruit, nuts and chocolate will give your kid a second wind after a long day…maybe just enough to get his homework done before dinner.
    Make GORP »
  • Kale Chips 10 of 12
    They may not sound like the most exciting food in the fridge, but trust us, these uber-healthy kale chips are as tasty as potato chips.
    Make Kale Chips »
  • Sweet Potato Chips 11 of 12
    If your kid can’t commit to after-school bites as green as kale chips, that’s okay. These baked sweet potato chips look more like packaged ones but don’t have all the grease.
    Make Sweet Potato Chips »
  • Flax Seed Popcorn 12 of 12
    This classic movie theater snack is great for after-school munching too. With flax seed oil as seasoning, this popcorn will add a pop of nutrition to your kid’s snacking.
    Make Flax Seed Popcorn »

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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