10 Recipes To Make On A Pizza Stone

Last month I was visiting family in Oregon, and I learned something eye opening while hanging out at my sister’s house: pizza stones are an amazingly versatile piece of kitchen equipment. I’ve got one, but I rarely use it because we don’t eat a lot of pizza. In my mind, this thing was a single-use item that took up valuable space in my small kitchen.

I was enlightened by the its multiple uses as I sat in my sister’s kitchen and watched her prepare cupcake batter — I looked over and saw her pop a quesadilla onto a pizza stone that was already in the preheated oven. I asked her what on earth she was doing. Turns out she was reheating dinner from last night and claimed the pizza stone was perfect for reheating and for cooking all kinds of things…What?! I’ve had this stone sitting in my cabinet and collecting dust for well over a year, and I could have been using it for cooking something other than pizza?

The first thing I did was search for recipes using a pizza stone. There’s not much out there, so I decided to do some experimenting. Oh, what fun I’ve had discovering all the great recipes I can make on my new favorite kitchen gadget! I keep it in my oven at all times so it’s at the ready, and when it needs to be cleaned I just wait until it cools down and lightly scrub it with a brush and water (no soap), and any remaining food just falls off. Needless to say, I’m in love.

Check out all of the recipes my family and I have made over the past few weeks:


Image Source: Macki West
Image Source: Macki West

Yes, you read that correctly. They are so easy and so satisfying that you need to go get your pizza stone and make these right now.

Make Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream Sandwiches


Image Source: Macki West
Image Source: Macki West

Savory tarts are a favorite around my house. They are such an easy way to make dinner and get your kids excited about eating veggies.

Make Roasted Vegetable Tart With Whole Wheat Olive Oil Crust


Image Source: Macki West
Image Source: Macki West

It’s not just a giant cookie, which would be awesome — it’s almost like a chocolate chip cookie cake. It’s so chewy and soft and beyond delicious. The best part is cutting it up like pie and eating a slice.

Make Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies


Image Source: Macki West
Image Source: Macki West

This recipe proves how non stick the pizza stone actually is. See that oozing out cheese? It came off the stone easily. I never realized how great a pizza stone can be for reheating frozen or leftover foods.

Make Arancini Rice Balls


Chicken Strips
Image Source: Macki West

Make easy breaded chicken strips or herbed chicken strips moist and flavorful using your trusty pizza stone. Worried about too much juice overflowing into your oven? I was too, but the juice stays in the meat, creating succulent chicken tenders.

Make Chicken Strip 2 Ways


Image Source: Macki West
Image Source: Macki West

These are so addicting and way better for you than the fried version, even healthier than store bought baked chips. You control the ingredients, it’s easy to control the portion. At least you can have less guilt with this healthier recipe.

Make Baked Potato Chips


Trust me: my kids, my husband, and my neighbors say this slab pie is beyond delicious. It’s pretty easy to make, too. After all, my kids each made one.

Make Strawberry Balsamic Slab Pie


Image Source: Macki West
Image Source: Macki West

f you’ve run out of pizza dough or just feel like mixing things up and need an easy, kid-friendly recipe, make some calzones or pizza out of refrigerated biscuits.

Make Biscuit Calzones + Pizza


Image Source: Macki West
Image Source: Macki West

We love french fries, but really have to limit them to a very occasional treat. These are so much healthier and just as satisfying as their fried friends.

Make Baked Fries


Image Source: Macki West
Image Source: Macki West

It’s asparagus season, which means the farmers markets are overflowing, the prices are great, and above all, the taste is out of control good. Think sweet and earthy and fresh. Roasting brings out the best in asparagus, and the pizza stone turned out to be a great tool.

Make Roasted Asparagus

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