12 Recipes To Yum Up Your Apricots

We headed to the farmers market over the weekend and picked up a giant box of the tastiest apricots I have ever gobbled. I think my daughter ate two while walking to the car and another three on the short car ride home, but I can’t be sure as she sits behind me. Now that we’ve eaten our apricots in their pure form for 2 days, it’s time to get creative and find some recipes to bake up something lovely or no-bake, just as long as we use them before they get too soft. Take a look and see all the recipes we came up with and help us decide and get some tips for how to choose and store your own apricots…

  • Whole Wheat Apricot Mini Muffins 1 of 12
    There are two great things about these,; well, many great things, actually, but I'll share two. First, they are made with whole wheat flour, which goes perfectly with apricots as their flavors pair nicely with earthy flavors like nuts and whole grains. Second, these are in mini form, so this makes for easy portion control. Kids will love them! Little do they know how healthy they are.
    Make your own whole wheat apricot mini muffins
  • Apricot Margaritas 2 of 12
    I had to include a margarita recipe. I may not be able to drink them for another 5 months and my kids won't try them for many years, but I can still make these treats for guests on a hot summer day.
    Make your own apricot margaritas
  • Apricot Cookies 3 of 12
    These cookies are great for a slow summer afternoon when you need an activity with the kids. They can help measure, stir, and form balls to bake.
    Make your own apricot cookies
  • Cozy Apricot Crumble Pie 4 of 12
    This is a cozy, scoop-able pie you can eat with a spoon. Click through for lots of neat tips for how to make you apricot pie perfect.
    Make your own cozy apricot crumble pie
  • Nectarine, Peaches and Apricot Pops 5 of 12
    Take advantage of all the stone fruits in season and make the kids a natural pop you won't feel guilty about giving to them.
    Make your own nectarine, peaches and apricot pops
  • Apricot Galettes 6 of 12
    Using pre-made puff pastry makes this recipe incredibly simple to prepare. Your family will be impressed without knowing how easy these really are to make.
    Get the recipe for apricot galettes at BBC Good Food
  • Apricot Fool 7 of 12
    With just 3 ingredients -- frozen whipped topping, apricot jam (just sub in fresh), and nuts or coconut -- this dish only takes 2 minutes to make!
    Get the recipe for apricot fool at Recipe Matcher
  • Apricot With Mascarpone and Pistachio Recipe 8 of 12
    Apricots are pistachio's best friend and mascarpone is a great glue to hold them together. Your mouth with love this friendship.
    Get the recipe for apricot with mascarpone and pistachio recipe at What's Cooking America
  • Apricot Coconut Balls 9 of 12
    These only take 20 minutes to prep with no cooking time, making them perfect for a last-minute dessert.
    Get the recipe for apricot coconut balls at Eagle Brand
  • Apricot Raspberry Buckle 10 of 12
    Can we have a Mother's Day redo? I would like this for breakfast, and who wouldn't want the unexpected pairing of raspberries and apricots with a vanilla cake and cinnamon crumble on top? Sounds like a tricked out coffee cake to me.
    Get the recipe for apricot and raspberry buckle at BBC Good Food
  • Apricot Almond Cobbler 11 of 12
    Many of you know I'm a sucker for cobbler in any form, so this just may be the must-make recipe for some of our apricots. Also, I love using almond meal, which this recipe calls for, so it's a match made in heaven.
    Get the recipe apricot almond cobbler at Martha Stewart
  • Grilled Apricot Puffs With Honey Creme Fresh 12 of 12
    This is a special dessert that I just might make for guests coming over tomorrow night. You make the puffs from scratch, and they get a gourmet touch from culinary lavender. Yum.
    Get the recipe grilled apricot puffs with honey crème fresh at My Recipes

When choosing apricots to eat fresh, try to find firm, unblemished ones as they bruise easily.

If they need to ripen, place in a paper bag on the counter for a day or two.

Store ripe apricots in the fridge (they will not ripen in the refrigerator).

Once your apricots gets soft or bruised, try to eat them as soon as possible or use them for cooking.

Planning to make an apricot tart or popsicles or muffins or any type of transformation? Don’t over look the bruised and very ripe bunch. You will most likely get a good deal and they will make your dish taste amazing just make sure to use them that day.


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