12 Skinny Valentine’s Day Goodies

Rice Krispie
I’ve spent the whole week talking about Slutty Brownies and cake pops, but how about the skinny stuff? For those of us trying to keep our body in check there is also a whole world of amazing skinny Valentine’s treats out there. Who says you have to go all out on this one day of the year, eat your delicious food and stay slim with some of these goodies. I swear, they are so fun and tasty you’ll never miss the extra calories!

  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Roses 1 of 10
    Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Roses
    Adorable and tasty, these chocolate dipped roses are a fanciful Valentine's day treat that keeps it light with lots of fresh fruit!
    Make chocolate dipped strawberry roses
  • Nutella Fondue with Strawberries 2 of 10
    Nutella Fondue with Strawberries
    A few dips of fondue won't hurt anyone, be sure to use filling fresh fruit that will keep this snack on the skinny side!
    Make nutella fondue with strawberries
  • Low Fat Chocolava Cookies 3 of 10
    Low Fat Chocolava Cookies
    Everyone wants rich chocolate cookies on Valentine's Day, so indulge in one or two of these without a second thought!
    Make low fat chocolava cookies
  • Diet Cream Soda Cupcakes 4 of 10
    Diet Cream Soda Cupcakes
    These luscious cupcakes are nearly too good to be true. You'll never believe they are low-calorie from being made with diet soda!
    Make diet cream soda cupcakes
  • Sunbutter Rice Krispie Treats 5 of 10
    Sunbutter Rice Krispie Treats
    Rice Krispie treats get the healthy makeover with sunbutter and natural honey, lessening the calories and increasing the pleasure.
    Make sunbutter rice krispie treats
  • Diet Dr. Pepper Brownies 6 of 10
    Diet Dr. Pepper Brownies
    Who doesn't love the idea of a guiltless brownies? Try these sweet caramel treats and feel good about it.
    Make Diet Dr. Pepper brownies
  • Low Fat Mini Chocolate Cupcakes 7 of 10
    Low Fat Mini Chocolate Cupcakes
    These cupcakes are made with lower fat ingredients and even come in a sweet smaller size.
    Make low fat mini chocolate cupcakes
  • Low-Fat Whole Wheat Pecan Pie Bars 8 of 10
    Low-Fat Whole Wheat Pecan Pie Bars
    Pecan pie is always a great dessert and these lower fat bars are the perfect lesser guilt Valentine's treat.
    Make low fat pecan pie bars
  • Peanut Butter Honey Brown Rice Krispie Treats 9 of 10
    Peanut Butter Honey Brown Rice Krispie Treats
    These adorable role up treats are filled with sweet natural honey, cranberries and tiny chocolate chips. The perfect sweet bite for Valentine's day, without the guilt!
    Make peanut butter honey rice krispie treats
  • Valentine’s Chocolate Cherry Granola 10 of 10
    Valentine's Chocolate Cherry Granola
    This delicious granola is perfect for munching all day or night. Sprinkle it over yogurt for a healthy dessert!
    Make chocolate cherry granola

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