12 Slim Down Snacks

Between your slim down supper with slim down sides, you are going to need some snacks to hold you over. Potato chips are only going to leave you feeling guilty and greasy. That’s where the lower calorie snack comes in and leaves you feeling great about your self control (there’s not much with these tasty snacks). Find all the recipes after the jump…

  • Edamame Hummus 1 of 12
    Edamame Hummus
    Edamame is packed with vitamins, minerals and is a complete protein. Make it into a dip for carrot chips or pita crisps and you've got a great for you snack.
    Make your own edamame hummus
  • Quick Pickled Carrots 2 of 12
    Quick Pickled Carrots
    I've got a ton of carrots right now from my farmers market basket. This is a great way to get all the health benefits in a tangy and crunchy snack.
    Make your own quick pickled carrots
  • Pan Fried Cajun Chick Peas 3 of 12
    Pan Fried Cajun Chick Peas
    Addiction, that is what these are and it's ok because they are chick peas. To make them even healthier spray with a little cooking spray and bake in a 400 degree oven for 30 minutes, turning once until toasty and crunchy.
    Make your own pan fried Cajun chick peas
  • Roasted Edamame 4 of 12
    Roasted Edamame
    I've tried edamame in a variety of recipes, but never roasted. What a great way to get all the nutrients edamame has to offer without any extra calories.
    Make your own roasted edamame
  • Homemade Apple Chips 5 of 12
    Homemade Apple Chips
    Tasty and crunchy and only about 80 calories in a half a cup.
    Make your own homemade apple chips
  • Angry Bird Fruit Faces 6 of 12
    Angry Bird Fruit Faces
    If your kid is not a fruit fan, this will get them eating a healthy snack.
    Make your own angry bird fruit faces
  • Refrigerator Pickles 7 of 12
    Refrigerator Pickles
    Pickles are like a secret diet food. They are very low in calories and almost zero fat, and that crunchy saltiness.
    Make your own refrigerator pickles
  • Baked Red Potato Chips 8 of 12
    Baked Red Potato Chips
    I love this air baked recipe and I can eat my handful without feeling the greasy guilt.
    Make your own red baked potatoes
  • Avocado Toast 9 of 12
    Avocado Toast
    Avocado has the good kind of fat and look at the green leaves full of vitamins and nutrients.
    Make your own avocado toast
  • Turkey Cucumber Wheels 10 of 12
    Turkey Cucumber Wheels
    Who said a sandwich need to have bread? These little nibblers are so low calorie, especially if you use low fat or non fat cream cheese.
    Get the recipe for turkey cucumber wheels at Cooking With My Kid
  • Healthy Artichoke Dip 11 of 12
    Healthy Artichoke Dip
    Yay! One of my favorite snacks and this one has way fewer calories and fat and tastes just as good.
    Get the recipe for healthy artichoke dip at Cooking With My Kid
  • Apple Chips And Dip 12 of 12
    Apple Chips And Dip
    Dip fresh cut apples into yogurt, crunchy sweet goodness.
    Get the recipe for apple chips and dip at Cooking With My Kid

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