12 St Germain Cocktails for New Year's Eve

Remember the French 77 cocktail I posted as my must have drink for New Years Eve? Well, I found a whole ton of St Germain drink mixes and I just had to share. Check out these must try cocktails after the jump…

  • Blue Rain 1 of 12
    Blue Rain
    St Germain is being rained on by blueberries!
    Get the recipe for a blue rain at Marie Claire
  • Hummingbird 2 of 12
    St Germain, Club Soda and Champagne. Double the fizz.
    Get the recipe for a Hummingbird at St Germain
  • St Germain Kir Blanc 3 of 12
    St Germain Kir Blanc
    Sweeten up your wine with a little St Germain
    Get the recipe for a St Germain Kir Blanc at St Germain
  • Sangria Flora 4 of 12
    Sangria Flora
    I cannot think of a better addition to Sangria than St Germain
    Get the recipe for a Sangria Flora at St Germain
  • Cuzco Fizz 5 of 12
    Cuzco Fizz
    Go South American with your St Germain.
    Get the recipe for a Cuzco Fizz at St Germain
  • St Rita 6 of 12
    St Rita
    The answer to my prayer - a combination of my two favorite things, margarita and St Germain!
    Get the recipe for a St Rita at St Germain
  • Le Recolte 7 of 12
    Le Recolte
    Add a bit of vodka to what I've come to love, the french 77, for this mix.
    Get the recipe for a Le Recolte at St Germain
  • Smoke and Thyme 8 of 12
    Smoke and Thyme
    A sprig of thyme is just the right floor to add to this sweet treat.
    Get the recipe for a Smoke and Thyme at St Germain
  • La Neige Russe 9 of 12
    La Neige Russe
    What a great combo of double sweet , sour and bitter.
    Get the recipe for La Neige Russe at St Germain
  • Pretty RIcky 10 of 12
    Pretty RIcky
    Pretty indeed for this gussied up version of a margarita.
    Get the recipe for a Pretty Ricky at St Germain
  • Nomayo 11 of 12
    Gin or vodka? I would have to try gin with this one.
    Get the recipe for a Nomayo at St Germain
  • French 77 12 of 12
    French 77
    St Germain with Champagne and fresh lemon. My welcome to 2012 drink!
    Get the recipe for a French 77

*St Germain has not asked me to post about their booze, nor did they give me any in hopes I would do a post. This all stems from my love of St Germain.

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