12 Tacos Recipes For Cinco de Mayo

Tacos are the ultimate in delicious Mexican food and something that has become a foodie trend/hunt-down-your-favorite here in Los Angeles. I’ve been know to drive long distances in search of the best taco, but there are so many taco joints in L.A. it’s crazy…and overwhelming. I’m serious: there are tacos stands, trucks, shops, and restaurants every block in every direction. Just search “taco” in Los Angeles and your screen will become one giant red dot. It’s too much and I’ve been disappointed too many times. That’s why I’m turning to my fellow Family Kitchen-ers for their culinary taco expertise. I’ve found 12 absolutely delicious, drool worthy, Cinco de Mayo party-perfect recipes and some crazy out-there tacos too. I cannot wait to share them with you. What are you waiting for?! Take the jump…

  • Super Easy Pulled Pork Tacos 1 of 12
    Super Easy Pulled Pork Tacos
    This is my go to taco recipe. Start it in the slow cooker in the morning, come home to delicious tacos for dinner.
    Make your own Super easy pulled pork tacos
  • Baja Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa 2 of 12
    Baja Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa
    Classic fish tacos with homemade mango salsa. This recipe is a crowd pleaser.
    Make your own baja fish tacos with mango salsa
  • Tasty Tacos 3 of 12
    Tasty Tacos
    For the ground beef lover, this one is for you.
    Make your own tasty tacos
  • Taco Truck Tacos 4 of 12
    Taco Truck Tacos
    Want to see what the taco truck craze is all about? Just make these and you will never go back.
    Make your own taco truck tacos
  • Turkey Tacos 5 of 12
    Turkey Tacos
    For those who love the texture of ground beef, but prefer a healthier option, you will gobble up these gobblers.
    Make your own turkey tacos
  • Tacos De Papa 6 of 12
    Tacos De Papa
    I am loco for potato tacos. The combo may sound crazy, but it's irresistibly good.
    Make your own tacos de papa
  • Tuna Tacos 7 of 12
    Tuna Tacos
    For the sophisticated taco lover.
    Make your own tuna tacos
  • Waffle Taco 8 of 12
    Waffle Taco
    This looks wackadoo, but your taste buds will be begging for more.
    Make your own waffle tacos
  • Fiesta Spaghetti Taco 9 of 12
    Fiesta Spaghetti Taco
    Take a bit of Italian flavor and mix it with a bit of Mexican and this is what you'll get.
    Make your own fiesta spaghetti taco
  • Amazing Cheeseburger Taco 10 of 12
    Amazing Cheeseburger Taco
    Kill two cravings at once with this little gem.
    Make your own amazing cheeseburger tacos
  • Chicken Nugget Taco 11 of 12
    Chicken Nugget Taco
    Your 2- to 4-year-old child will obviously love these. But they are so good that mom and dad will be stealing them.
    Make your own chicken nugget tacos
  • Last Minute Sausage Tacos 12 of 12
    Last Minute Sausage Tacos
    It's like a sausage dog in taco form. Love.
    Make your own last-minute sausage tacos

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