12 Takes on Buffalo Chicken

Buffalo Chicken — with it’s tangy goodness, creamy bleu cheese, and spicy red sauce — is a classic flavor combination. So good, in fact, that it’s been turned into everything from grilled cheese to enchiladas. Sounds good, right? We haven’t even mentioned the Buffalo chicken quesadillas, macaroni and cheese, and nachos. You better believe it. We’ve gathered twelve of the best takes on Buffalo chicken, because recipes this good shouldn’t be kept to ourselves!

1. Turn it Into a Sandwich

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Image source: Closet Cooking

This recipe takes all the flavors you love and turns them into an even more lovable grilled cheese sandwich.

(via Closet Cooking)

2. Make it Mac and Cheese

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Image source: 1 Fine Cookie

Why make the regular stuff when you can bake up Buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese? This recipe takes the classic pasta dish to a whole new level!

(via 1 Fine Cookie)

3. Melt it Over Nachos

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Image source: How Sweet Eats

Buffalo chicken with nachos is Sonny and Cher, Romy and Michelle, Ross and Rachel — a total match made in heaven!

(via How Sweet Eats)

4. Bake it into Bites

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Image source: What’s Cookin’ Chicago

Buffalo Chicken Bites are savory, one-bite treats that everyone will love!

(via What’s Cookin’ Chicago)

5. Top Pizza with It

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Image source: Taste and Tell

Who needs pepperoni? Buffalo Chicken Pizza is as good as pizza gets!

(via Taste and Tell)

6. Wrap It up

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Image source: Babble’s The Family Kitchen

A spinach wrap brings out the full intoxicatingly good flavor of buffalo chicken.

(via Babble’s The Family Kitchen)

7. Bake it Into Enchiladas

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Image source: Branny Boils Over

Rich and spicy, these Buffalo chicken enchiladas take the classic Mexican dish to flavorful new heights.

(via Branny Boils Over)

8. Serve It Hogi Style

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Image source: Babble’s The Family Kitchen

Top some crusty french bread with sauce-slathered Buffalo Chicken and you’ve got a sandwich you can really dig in to.

(via Babble’s The Family Kitchen)

9. Melt It into a Dip

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Image source: A Farm Girl’s Dabbles

This Buffalo Chicken Dip is truly addicting!

(via A Farm Girl’s Dabbles)

10. Toss It into Pasta

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Image source: Snappy Gourmet

Whether you’re ready for a picnic or setting out a spread for Game Night, this Buffalo chicken aasta salad is the perfect addition to your menu du jour!

(via Snappy Gourmet)

11. Grill It into a Quesadilla

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Image source: La Bella Cook

Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas are creamy, gooey, savory, and spicy. What more could anyone ask for?

(via La Bella Cook)

12. Mix It with Potato Casserole

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Image source: Let’s Dish Recipes

The blank canvas of a potato just begs for the spicy goodness of buffalo chicken. Which is why this Buffalo chicken potato casserole hits the spot so well!

(via Let’s Dish Recipes)

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