12 Tattoo-Inspired Cakes

Who said you can’t have your tattoo and eat it, too? These 12 cakes prove that you can be stylish while stuffing your face with dessert. From the freaky to the funny, here are 12 fabulous cakes that might just inspire you to run down to your local tattoo parlor and get inked!

  • True Love 1 of 12
    Nothing says "love you for eternity" like a skull, gawdy roses, and the reminder that "hate" always sits next to "love". Apparently.
    Photo from LaCone Ja Dulce
  • Ganache In Style 2 of 12
    What's better than a showy tattoo? A showy tattoo come alive in ganache, yo.
    Photo from The Cake Diaries.
  • Love you, Mom 3 of 12
    Forever and always a mama's boy. This cake is enough to make any mother proudish.
    Photo from Sin-City Sweets.
  • Get Your Zen On 4 of 12
    Need some feng shui for your belly? This Chinese-Tattoo inspired cake is sure to give you some serious zen.
    Photo from FlickRiver.
  • Happy Birthday to Me 5 of 12
    Mamma Jamma cakes made this crazy cool (or is that just plain 'crazy') cake for a tattooists party. Fitting, dontchya think?
    Photo from Foodista.
  • Manga in Cake 6 of 12
    Hey there, cutie. You're almost cute enough to put on my leg. With ink. But, I think I'll just put you in my mouth. The End.
    Photo from PinkyToasts Flickr.
  • Skull Celebration 7 of 12
    If you eat it fast, it won't eat you!
    Photo from FairyCakeFaces Flickr
  • Flex, Flesh, and Fondant 8 of 12
    Yep. That's real. Nope, it's not challenging you to an arm wrestle.
    Photo from Chocolate Earth Cakes.
  • Dia of the Cake 9 of 12
    It could be worse. You could have tatted it onto your back.
    Photo from FrostMeSweet Flickr
  • Hells Angel Baby 10 of 12
    Perfect for that "Not So Sweet 16" Party.
    Photo from Inspired by a Dream.
  • Tattoo Birthday 11 of 12
    A variety of hand-painted tattoos grace this cake. And just so happen to also grace the body of the birthday girl. Kewwwwl!
    Photo from Circus Projects.
  • Get Inked 12 of 12
    Hey girrrrrl. You know I love you baby. I got you inked up all over my chest, and on my wedding cake. Mwah.
    Photo from Cakelove.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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