12 Treats You Never Knew Were Vegan

There’s a lot of hubbub these days about plant-based diets. If the searingly honest documentary, Forks Over Knives, hasn’t made you reconsider that hamburger-based menu you’ve been hitting up for years, perhaps a book like Skinny Bitch or Michael Pollan‘s Food Rules has got you considering the ways you can revamp your diet into one that is gentler on the planet…and on you.

Making the shift to plant-based eating might sound like a big, fat task, requiring lots of sacrifices, but you’d be surprised by how many of your favorite indulgences you don’t have to give up at all! Here are 12 totally vegan candies, treats, and eats, that you don’t have to live without. While these noshes are a small part of a truly healthy diet, isn’t it nice to know that a few of your guilty pleasures don’t have to make you guilty at all?!

  • Oreo Cookies 1 of 12
    Oreo Cookies
    Yep! America's favorite cookie can now be your favorite vegan cookie, too!
  • Chick-O Stick’s 2 of 12
    Chick-O Stick's
    Craving the goodness of a Butterfinger candy bar, now that you're trying to eat green? Go for a Chick-O-Stick! They're totally free of animal products.
  • Crack Jacks 3 of 12
    Crack Jacks
    Go ahead! Hit up the ballpark and be traditional. Being vegan doesn't mean giving up ALL your favorite childhood treats!
  • DOTS 4 of 12
    Craving gummy bears? Reach for a box of dots, instead, and save your body exposure to animal-based gelatin.
  • Hot Tamales 5 of 12
    Hot Tamales
    Get a mouthful of cinnamoney sweetness with this favorite candy. It's vegan.
  • Panda Licorice 6 of 12
    Panda Licorice
    Black licorice lovers can still get their licorice fix, even when focusing on a plant-based diet. This healthy treat is also made without added sugars, so it makes for truly healthy snacking.
  • Swedish Fish 7 of 12
    Swedish Fish
    Put on the Netflix, pull out the candy! Swedish Fish are awaiting your veganish indulgence!
  • Twizzlers 8 of 12
    Every now and then, you gotta get your twist on. Now that you're eating vegan, you can still indulge in traditional Twizzlers.
  • Chocolove Dark Chocolate Bar 9 of 12
    Chocolove Dark Chocolate Bar
    Get your chocolate fix big time with the vegan Chocolove candy bar.
  • Sour Patch Kids 10 of 12
    Sour Patch Kids
    A little bit of sweet, a little bit of sour, a lot of vegan candy in one little pouch!
  • Auntie Annes Pretzels 11 of 12
    Auntie Annes Pretzels
    Strolling the mall and need a snack? Reach for an Auntie Anne's Pretzel, hold the butter, steer clear of the sour cream version, and you're set to kick it vegan style.
  • Movie Theatre Popcorm 12 of 12
    Movie Theatre Popcorm
    Believer it or not, most AMC theaters (and several other movie establishments) serve up popcorn that is entirely free of animal products--including that oily butter you love to douse all over your tub. While it's not the healthiest food option, a little indulgence every now and then (and a really good flick) is definitely worth the extra calories. Especially because you can do it knowing there's not an animal product in sight!

Details for this slideshow compiled from PETA.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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