12 Ways to Cook with a Cadbury Creme Egg

With Easter just days away, isn’t it time we give a proper nod to that naughty (if ever delicious) Cadbury Creme Egg? Crispy, creamy chocolate on the outside. That sweet, gooey filling on the inside. Springtime is just a little bit better when those things start making their way onto store shelves. And now, you can enjoy them in your desserts, too! Here are 12 ridiculously delicious ways to cook up a Cadbury Creme egg, from cupcakes to cookie cups! Happy Easter Candy!

  • Get Your Creme Egg Fix! 1 of 13
    It's nearly Easter! Instead of shamefully unwrapping those addictable creme eggs in the corner of your house, sneaking a bite of them in the wee hours of midnight, why not bake them up loud and proud in one of these gloriously decadent recipes? From cupcakes to cookie cups, we've got your Cadbury Creme Eggs covered!
  • Stuff Them In the Center of Your Cupcakes 2 of 13
    Cook a Cadbury Egg in the middle of your cupcakes, and Easter will never be the same again!
    Get the recipe for Cadbury Egg Stuffed Cupcakes
  • Bake them Into Your Brownie Bites 3 of 13
    Try baking Cadbury Eggs into this easy recipe for homemade brownie bites. Deliciously fun!
    Get the recipe for Cadbury Eggs Brownie Bites
  • Stud Your Muffins With ‘Em 4 of 13
    There's something splendid about starting the day off with muffins and eggs…Cadbury Crème Eggs, that is!
    Get the recipe for Cadbury Crème Egg Studded Muffins
  • Easter Creme Brulegg 5 of 13
    This indulgent treat is one you simply must try this easter! Crème Brulee, with the added kiss of a Cadbury Crème Egg makes for a truly delightful treat!
    Get the recipe for Easter Crème Brulegg
  • Frost Them Over Your Brownies 6 of 13
    Looking for a gorgeous way to enjoy Cadbury Crème Eggs? Look no further than this delicious brownie recipe!
    Get the recipe from Pixelated Crumb
  • Fry Them Into Your Doughnuts 7 of 13
    Cadbury Egg Doughnuts make for a bite-sized bit of utter perfection!
    Get the recipe from Kitchen Daily
  • Bake Them Right Into Brownies 8 of 13
    Chocolate brownies and chocolate eggs. What better way to enjoy Easter?!
    Get the recipe from Une Gamine das La Cuisine
  • Cook Them Into Cookie Cups 9 of 13
    Cook Cadbury Crème Eggs in your cookie cups for a decadent bite of deliciousness!
    Get the recipe from In Katrina's Kitchen
  • Top Your Cupcakes With ‘Em 10 of 13
    Toss Cadbury Crème Eggs on top of your cupcakes, and you've got a dessert that will have everyone hopping to the kitchen!
    Get the recipe from Java Cupcake
  • Bake Them Into Sweet Rolls 11 of 13
    Stick Cadbury Crème Eggs in your sweet rolls, and you may never want to eat anything else again!
    Get the recipe from Chocolate Moosey
  • Create Creme Egg Cheesecakes 12 of 13
    Cheesecake. And Crème Eggs? Yup. It's happening in your kitchen…pronto!
    Get the recipe from Bakearama
  • Cook Up Chocolate Creme Cupcakes 13 of 13
    What could be happier than Crème Eggs? Crème Egg Cupcakes, that's what!!
    Get the recipe from Baked-In

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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