12 Ways to Serve Avocado Toast

If you are an avocado lover, you have probably heard of something called Avocado Toast. It’s a totally addictive, simple concept recipe with endless possibilities for tweaking and reinvention. The basic idea is to grab a ripe avocado, toast some bread and slather the avocado all over the toast. Usually added: some simple salt and pepper and seasonings, or maybe some lemon or herbs. If you love avocado toast, you probably make it a lot.¬†And since everyone can get bored making the same exact recipe over and over, a few minor tweaks are a nice way to keep things fresh! These 12 ways to serve avocado toast should help you expand your avocado toast horizons, or perhaps get in the kitchen and try it for the first time! Get the recipes from an array of talented bloggers (aka avocado toast superfans!)…

  • Spiced and Buttered Avocado Toast 1 of 13
    This bright green avocado toast is simple and mildly spiced with a secret ingredient: vegan butter! Mashed avocado is spread on lightly buttered toast and some paprika, garlic, salt and pepper accent on top. photo: Leinana, Vegan Good Things
    Make Spiced Avocado Toast, recipe on Vegan Good Things
  • Lime Accented Avocado Toast 2 of 13
    Normally you will see people squirting lemon over top their avocado toast, well this recipe puts t a lime citrus spin on the toast, with very delicious results. photo: Jessica, How Sweet Eats
    Make Lime Avocado Toast, recipe on How Sweet it Eats
  • Avocado Miso Tahini Toast 3 of 13
    This creative avocado toast is infused with the bold flavors of tahini and miso. Yum! photo: Amanda, Easy Peasy Organic
    Make Miso Tahini Avocado Toast, recipe on Easy Peasy Organic
  • Super Green Avocado Toast 4 of 13
    Keep it simple and make it a meal! Spread your avocado on some hearty toast or a sprouted grain English muffin. Then for a super green boost, add a serving of baby greens on the side. photo: Gena, Choosing Raw
    Make Super Green Avocado Toast, recipe on Choosing Raw
  • Copycat Avocado Toast 5 of 13
    There is a cafe in NYC called Cafe Gitane that is famous for their avocado toast. Their recipe includes lemon and chili pepper flakes. Here is a recipe that mimics this genius and delicious blend of flavors. photo: Cory, Eat and Relish
    Make Copycat Avocado Toast, recipe on Eat and Relish
  • Veggie-Loaded Avocado Toast 6 of 13
    This veggie-loaded version of avocado toast is your answer for making avocado toast into a full meal! photo: Kathy, Healthy Happy Life
    Make Veggie Loaded Avocado Toast, recipe on Healthy Happy Life
  • Avocado Toast on Homemade Bread 7 of 13
    Want to get a little fancy with your toast? Try making your own whole wheat bread to serve the avocado on! You can also include an array of fresh and fantastic toppings like arugula, radishes and sunflowers seeds. photo: Kate, Cookie and Kate
    Make Homemade Bread and Avocado Toast, recipe on Cookie and Kate
  • Guacamole Toast 8 of 13
    Maybe you have some leftover guacamole, or maybe you just really like spicy avocado recipes or maybe you do not like serving your guac on chips? Try it on some toast for a Mexican spin on avocado toast. photo: Kathy Patalsky
    Make Guacamole Avocado Toast
  • Lemon Pesto Avocado Toast 9 of 13
    This flavorful toast is slathered in lemon pesto sauce and the best part is that this recipe is low in sodium! photo: Kathy, Healthy Happy Life
    Make Lemon Pesto Avocado Toast, recipe on Healthy Happy Life
  • Simple Chunky Avocado Toast 10 of 13
    Even though there are many ways to craft avocado toast, you really cannot go wrong with this super simple version that uses large chunks of avocado in place of a mashed topping. photo: Simone, Simone Anne
    Make Simple Avocado Toast, recipe on Simone Anne
  • Avocado Tofu Toast 11 of 13
    These tiny toasts served on rice crackers add some protein to your snack with sauteed tofu rectangles. This is a more creative interpretation of avocado toast. photo: Kathy Patalsky
    Make Tofu Avocado Toast
  • Olive Oil Drizzled Avocado Toast 12 of 13
    This delicious avocado toast has the usual lemon, pepper and salt seasonings, but also adds an extra drizzle of heavenly olive oil to further the richness of this cravable snack. Plus I like how Sarah calls EVOO, "liquid gold." photo: Sarah, Apples and Onions
    Make Olive Oil Avocado Toast, recipe on Apples and Onions
  • The Tutorial Avocado Toast 13 of 13
    Need a bit more guidance on the steps and options for making avocado toast? This tutorial covers the steps and topping possibilities to choose from. photo: Chez Bettay
    Avocado Toast Tutorial on Chez Bettay


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