13 Boo-tiful Recipes and Projects To Die For This Halloween

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This is Halloween — time when the creeps and ghouls come to life in a delightful fright! I have savored the chill of Fall since I was a wee one … with my eyeball always focused on Halloween. The minute school would start, I’d  begin dreaming up the possibilities of my costume for the Oct. 31st festivities. My mother insisted we make the costume, since she didn’t believe in the store bought kind, and I wasn’t allowed to be anything cute and certainly not sexy. I was taught that Halloween was either to be celebrated in a scary costume or a funny one. I remember being a very young bride of Frankenstein, and a spooky spider bat. I don’t know if I was more excited about the costume and the whole idea of transforming into something else, or if I looked forward to all the treats.

My aunt used to let us kids help her shape the Halloween popcorn balls. I remember having to smother my hands in butter to touch the hot caramel covered popcorn and be able to form a perfect circumference. Or how the local supermarket use to have the red soft caramel apples on display for an alternative Halloween treat. Since then, not that much has changed — I now insist on making my son’s costume and my own, I still enjoy a soft caramel candied apple and make them all throughout the Halloween season, and the treats are plentiful.The way I see it, these are all opportunities for different Halloween projects the family can do together, edible or scary!


  • Edible Halloween 1 of 14

    Pick a project for you and your family to enjoy. Most are edible, with the exception of the maracas, but the pumpkin seeds you use to fill the inside are, and you can always munch on them as you create. 

  • Pumpkin Poptarts 2 of 14

    This cute treat would make an ideal breakfast for Halloween morning or as an afternoon snack for a kids classroom. Filled with a pumpkin puree they are almost like mini pumpkin hand pies!

    Find the recipe here on Babble!

  • Spider Web Eggs 3 of 14

    Don't let the spider be the only one having a good time with this hard-boiled egg. Make these for a party and see how the crowd reacts to these amazing looking eggs.

    Get the recipe here on Babble. 

  • Spooky Rice Krispie Graveyard Treat 4 of 14

    Here is a super fun project to do with your family. Create a graveyard scene using a puffed rice cereal treat as the ground, then decorate.

    Get the step by step instruction from Presley's Pantry. 

  • Halloween Maracas 5 of 14

    Make these DIY Halloween maracas for your next party. The pumpkin seeds inside rattle up a spooky sound that will creep out your guests and run a shiver down their spines.

    Get the instructions and how to from Presley's Pantry

  • Mummy Fingers 6 of 14

    "Don't point that Mummy finger at me" the woman screamed in horror. Looks like he came after her anyway.

    Get the recipe for Nibbles and Feasts!

  • Pumpkin Flan 7 of 14

    Make an easy to bake pumpkin flan with the guts of your pumpkin. Your friends and family alike will love it.

    Get the recipe from Presley's Pantry.

  • Shrunken Apple Heads 8 of 14
    Screen shot 2013-09-12 at 9.42.23 AM

    These spooky shrunken heads are made of apple! They would look great floating in a punch or served on top of a cake.

    Get the recipe from Sweet Life!

  • Worm Cake 9 of 14

    This little rat can't wait to sink his teeth into this gooey worm cake.

    Get the recipe from Presley's Pantry

  • White Chocolate Halloween Caramel Apples 10 of 14

    It's almost Halloween, and with that comes caramel apples and pears. Presley's Pantry shares her easy recipe and a quick how to video.

    Get it all by clicking here!

  • Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 11 of 14

    I like my pumpkin seeds perfectly spiced like the kind you can buy off the streets in Mexico. I make sure to save every last seed from the inside of our pumpkin once we carve it.

    Make spicy pumpkin seeds, get the recipe from Presley's Pantry

  • Chocolate Skull Cake 12 of 14

    This beautiful Halloween cake can double down as a Dia De Los Muertos centerpiece as well. Make the cake of chocolate mix, then sprinkle with powdered sugar.

    Get the recipe from Sweet Life.

  • Ghosts And Pumpkin Dip 13 of 14
    Screen shot 2013-09-12 at 9.43.56 AM

    Make spiced tortilla ghost dippers to eat with your pumpkin dip, now that's one ghost I could see me liking.

    Get the recipe from Sweet Life.

  • Ghosts And Pumpkins 14 of 14

    This here is the perfect project for the little kids in the family,  pre-K to 4th grade. Get those little hands in on the Halloween fun by decorating puffed rice cereal treats into ghosts and pumpkins.

    The recipe can be found right here on Babble


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