13 Super Bowl Chicken Wing Recipes to Cheer For


Who is going to take home the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy this year? Will it be the 49er’s or the Ravens? Or are you just looking forward to the halftime show? Well, here are 13 recipes to help you celebrate the big game. Get ready to drool over your screen and lick your fingers. Go Chicken Wings! ENJOY!

  • Chicken Wings in a Red Savina Nectarine Sauce 1 of 13
    Chicken Wings in a Red Savina Nectarine Sauce
    Hotter than a hussy sitting in church on Sunday morning, bless her soul. Hot like a cat on a hot tin roof. Super HOT, and mighty GOOD! Get the recipe here: Geez Louise
    Photo credit: Louise Mellor
  • Bacon Flavored Chicken Wings 2 of 13
    Bacon Flavored Chicken Wings
    Sticky and crunchy Serbian Chicken Wings fried in Bacon fat. Mmmmm. Grab the recipe here: Bibberche
    Photo credit: Svetlana Watkins
  • Lemon and Tapatío Chicken Wings 3 of 13
    Lemon and Tapatío Chicken Wings
    These Chicken Wings have the flavors of a Mexican snack food poured all over them. Completely habit forming, and zesty good! You'll want this recipe, grab it here: Presley's Pantry
    Photo credit: Nicole Presley
  • Buffalo Chicken Drumstick 4 of 13
    Buffalo Chicken Drumstick
    Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks give you a better meat-to-mess ratio. But don't worry, you'll still need a pile of napkins and creamy Blue Cheese Dressing to cool the flames. Get the recipe here:Average Betty
    Photo credit: Sara O'Donnell
  • Sticky Lemonade Chicken Wings 5 of 13
    Sticky Lemonade Chicken Wings
    These lemonade chicken wings are made with thawed lemonade concentrate, they're sweet and tangy, salty with soy sauce and garlicky. Get this recipe here:The Family Kitchen
    Photo credit: Julie Van Rosendaal
  • Spicy Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings 6 of 13
    Spicy Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings
    Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings is like a mini fried chicken. Get this recipe here: Tech Food Life
    Photo credit: Eva Smith
  • Sweet’N Sour Foiled Chicken Wings 7 of 13
    Sweet'N Sour Foiled Chicken Wings
    This is a very simple, oven baked, family dinner or game snack that you will love. Grab this recipe here:Nibbles and Feasts
    Photo credit: Ericka Sanchez
  • Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Chicken Wings 8 of 13
    Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Chicken Wings
    Chicken Wings in a spicy Sriracha Chili Sauce! Burn down the end zone with this recipe. Get it here: The Family Kitchen
    Photo credit: Jennifer Savor The Thyme
  • Sicilian Chicken Wings 9 of 13
    Sicilian Chicken Wings
    These wings are drenched in a spicy butter sauce with real garlic. It makes all the difference in the world. Get this recipe here: An Edible Mosaic
    Photo credit: Faith Gorsky
  • Classic Buffalo Wings 10 of 13
    Classic Buffalo Wings
    The sauce couldn't be easier hot sauce and melted butter. No need to dump them out of a frozen bag. Get this recipe here: The Family Kitchen
    Photo credit: Julie Van Rosendaal
  • Spicy Baked Hot Wings 11 of 13
    Spicy Baked Hot Wings
    This hot wing recipe is very basic and you can tailor it to your spice level preference. Yvette used Red Devil hot sauce because it reminds her of home (El Paso) and Valentina hot sauce because she can't live without it and always has it on hand. Muy Bueno Cookbook
    Photo credit: Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack
  • Carolina- Style Chicken Wings 12 of 13
    Carolina- Style Chicken Wings
    North Carolina style because they are marinated in a Carolina-style vinegar sauce. It's simple to make, it really doesn't take more than five minutes for the sauce and two minutes to get the wings ready. Grab this recipe here: The Family Kitchen
    Photo credit: Elizabeth Stark and Brian Campbell
  • Brooke’s Buffalo Wings 13 of 13
    Brooke's Buffalo Wings
    There's chicken wings, and then there's Buffalo Wings that are so good they make you lick your fingers like a mad man. These are those sorts of wings. Get the recipe here: The Family Kitchen
    Photo credit: Brooke McLay

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