13 Freakishly Cute Halloween Cake Pops


Bakerella, creator of all things Cake Pop, has done it again. She’s gone and revolutionized the cake pop world with a gorgeous Cake Pop Kit, Cake Pop greeting cards, and a whole new website dedicated to her beloved “Pop Stars,” loyal fans who have created their own unique versions of her yummy desserts on a stick. To celebrate Bakerella’s new online venture,, which focuses on all of her latest products and news, we scoured hundred of incredible ideas, as submitted by the “pop stars” and pulled together 13 of the cutest Halloween cake pops you’ve never seen! Check ’em out and tell us which is your fave!

  • Cake Pop Monster Cake 1 of 13
    Cake Pop Monster Cake
    Serve up a bit of cake, and a monster eyeball too with this adorable monster cake!
  • Cyclops Cake Pops 2 of 13
    Cyclops Cake Pops
    One eye is all you need. It's Halloween, after all!!
  • Yes, Master Alien Cake Pops 3 of 13
    Yes, Master Alien Cake Pops
    Three eyes? Even better than two. Especially when you're a little green man. On a stick.
  • The Bride of Frankenpops 4 of 13
    The Bride of Frankenpops
    Ladies. Green ain't ever looked so good as it does on this Frankenbride.
  • You Lil’ Devil! Cake Pops 5 of 13
    You Lil' Devil! Cake Pops
    Curses! These devil cake pops might be too cute to eat!
  • Pumpkin Patch Cake Pops 6 of 13
    Pumpkin Patch Cake Pops
    Let your little ones pick all the pumpkins they desire with these simple cake pops.
  • Monster Eyeball Pops 7 of 13
    Monster Eyeball Pops
    Watch out! Or your food might just watch you!
  • Jack-O-Pops 8 of 13
    Rather than carving a whole pumpkin head, how about making these adorable, bite-sized treats?!
  • Warthog Cake Pops 9 of 13
    Warthog Cake Pops
    Snort! These cake pops are so cute, I can't stop giggling!
  • Spider Pops 10 of 13
    Spider Pops
    Black widows beware. These spide cake pops are even freakier than a walk down the cold, basement stairs.
  • Autumn Harvest Cake Pops 11 of 13
    Autumn Harvest Cake Pops
    Cake pops needn't be difficult. Here is a stylish way to turn simple cake balls into clevery little works of art.
  • Tricks and Treats Cake Pops 12 of 13
    Tricks and Treats Cake Pops
    A whole slew of friends await your bite. I mean, fright. No. I definitely mean bite.
  • Frankenfolk Cake Pops 13 of 13
    Frankenfolk Cake Pops
    Boo! Cake pops have never been so deliciously scary!

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