22 Cozy Snow Day Breakfast Recipes

cozy snow day recipes
cozy snow day recipes

The air is turning cool and frosty and one thing is for sure. Snow days are coming. For some, that inspires fear and dread. But for most, snow days are a thing of joy! There’s no better day to stay cozy inside with the ones you love, than on a snow day. Watch those frosty white flakes fall outside and gather on the winter trees as you sip some hot cocoa or cuddle up for a movie marathon.

But in order to fully enjoy your snow day with ease, you’ll need a few recipes to inspire your day – and maybe fuel a few snowball fights. Try one of these 22 Cozy Snow Day Breakfast Recipes – all deliciously vegan too. From Minty Cocoa and Citrus Nog French Toast to Blueberry Waffles and Pumpkin Cinnamon Buns – choose a recipe and look forward to a snowy season!..

  • Dark Chocolate Maple Cocoa 1 of 23
    This rich dark chocolate cocoa is sure to warm you up on a cozy cool snow day. Sweetened with maple syrup for a unique flavor accent to crave! photo: Kathy Patalsky
    Make Dark Chocolate Cocoa
  • Citrus Nog French Toast 2 of 23
    This french bread french toast is made using vegan soy nog and fresh citrus. Super easy to make and perfect on a snow day. Top with vegan buttery spread and a generous drizzle of maple syrup. photo: Kathy Patalsky
    Make Citrus Nog French Toast
  • Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow Waffles 3 of 23
    Craving hot cocoa and marshmallows? Why not try those dreamy flavors packed inside a warm and toasty waffle! Rich and chocolate-y flavor, studded with your favorite marshmallows. photo: Kathy Patalsky
    Make Hot Cocoa Waffles
  • Vegan Christmas Cookie Baking 4 of 23
    A cozy snow day breakfast is always the most fun when paired with an indoor activity. Add cookie baking to your list of things to do on a snow day. Here are 25 holiday recipes to inspire you. All are vegan - dairy and egg free!
    Get 25 vegan Christmas Cookie recipes!
  • Creamy Speculoos Spread 5 of 23
    This creamy speculoos spread is perfect for slathering on top of toast. Pair with a hot cocoa for a yummy snow day snack. photo: Kathy Patalsky
    Make Speculoos Spread
  • Skinny Egg Nog Shake 6 of 23
    If your heat is cranked up to full power on a snow day and you suddenly have a craving for something cool and calming, try this skinny "egg nog" shake. It is a healthy treat made using frozen bananas. photo: Kathy Patalsky
    Make a Skinny Egg Nog Shake
  • Frozen Hot Chocolate 7 of 23
    Another cool snow day beverage to try is this frozen hot cocoa, complete with dairy-free soy cream swirled on top. These frozen treats are perfect for those of us who stay inside and cuddle by a roaring fireplace on a snow day! photo: Kathy Patalsky
    Make Frozen Hot Chocolate
  • Pumpkin Pecan Cinnamon Rolls 8 of 23
    Decadent, buttery-moist, pumpkin-cinnamon rolls topped with a ginger cream drizzle. Perfect snowball fight fuel!
    Get the recipe at Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Dessert Oatmeal Recipes 9 of 23
    Oatmeal is kind of the perfect snow day breakfast since it warms you up from the inside out and make you feel all cozy inside. Well give your oatmeal bowl a dessert-inspired twist with these creative, vegan recipes. photo: Kathy Patalsky
    Get 21 Dessert for Breakfast Oatmeal Recipes
  • Pumpkin Pie Morning Tarts 10 of 23
    Cozy, buttery pie tarts filled with spiced pumpkin butter. Warm and toasty. And homemade by you!
    Get the recipe.
  • Cherry Vanilla Breakfast Risotto 11 of 23
    Switch out the oats for some creamy arborio rice. Breakfast risotto with vanilla and cherries in each warm spoonful.
    Get the recipe at Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Chai Cashew Coconut Pancakes 12 of 23
    Fluffy layers of cashew pancakes and maple coconut cream filling. Perfect fuel for a snowman-making kind of day!
    Get the recipe at Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Minty Cocoa 13 of 23
    Come in from some snow-frolicking and grab a warm mug of this dreamy cocoa, cool mint in each steamy sip. Soy cream on top!
    Get the recipe at Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Banana Bread Waffles 14 of 23
    Turn your favorite cozy tea bread into toasty warm breakfast waffles! Warm maple syrup drizzled over top.
    Get the recipe at Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Mocha or Cocoa 15 of 23
    Classic cocoa goes dairy-free with these chocolate-y options for perfect cocoa. Or a mocha for mom and dad!
    Get the recipe at Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Five ingredient Tofu Scramble 16 of 23
    Sometimes a savory breakfast packed with protein is what you crave, say after a morning of shoveling snow! This quickie tofu scramble will satisfy your hunger.
    Get the recipe.
  • Holiday Spiced Soy Nog 17 of 23
    Vanilla-infused, spiced bliss for the holidays. This dairy-free Nog is a cozy snow day sip all season long.
    Get the recipe at Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Jack-o-Pumpkin 18 of 23
    This hearty breakfast sandwich is packed with pumpkin flavor from creamy pumpkin butter. A perfect compliment to the savory vegan sausage patty and jack cheese. Protein rich and totally delicious! Husband-approved.
    Get the recipe at Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte 19 of 23
    You don't need coffee to have a cozy pumpkin latte. Try this chai tea version for an espresso free snow day sip.
    Get the recipe.
  • Fluffy Maple French Toast 20 of 23
    Fluffy french toast infused with maple. Lightly spiced. Pair with fresh fruit.
    Get the recipe.
  • Dairy-Free Pumpkin Spice Latte 21 of 23
    Snow is falling outside. You are snuggled under a blankie inside. Just you, PJ's, happy family and this perfect sip to pair your snow day with.
    Get the recipe at Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Blueberry Citrus Waffles 22 of 23
    Classic blueberry waffles get an uplifting twist with a few specks of zesty-sweet winter citrus folded in the mix. Healthy, yummy snow day fuel for the family. Who doesn't like blueberry waffles?
    Get the recipe at Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Happy Snow Days! 23 of 23
    Hope your snow days this season are the coziest, yummiest ever! Share your fave snow day recipes in the comments!


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