14 Easter Eggs You'll Never Actually Make Because You're A Real Person

Most of us are clearly not Martha Stewart- we don’t have the time, energy, nor the creative power to craft spectacular Easter eggs.  It’s okay to take a good, long look at these gorgeous eggs- can you imagine how much time it took to craft these beauties?  The designs will blow you away, and you’ll probably accept the fact that plain colored eggs are all you can handle.  We’ve rounded up 14 Easter eggs you’ll never actually make because you’re a real person- just enjoy the beauty of these exquisitely crafted eggs!

  • 14 Easter Eggs You’ll Never Actually Make Because You’re A Real Person 1 of 15

    You have permission to stare in awe at these totally gorgeous Easter eggs! 

  • Lithuanian Scratched Eggs 2 of 15

    Imagine the time and artistry that go into making these beautiful scratched Lithuanian eggs!

    Get the idea from INSPIRATION FEED

  • Silk-Dyed Eggs 3 of 15

    Real silk ties are used for this clever egg-dyeing technique!

    Get the tutorial from OUR BEST BITES

  • Sharpie Eggs 4 of 15

    These gorgeous eggs are painstakingly drawn with Sharpies! 

    Follow the how-to on HOMETALK

  • Pysanky Eggs 5 of 15

    This Ukranian tradition for egg decorating uses a wax resist technique for beautiful designs! 

    Get the idea from THE PORCH

  • Botanical Eggs 6 of 15

    Cranberries, cabbage, and onions are used to dye these gorgeous eggs! 

    Get the idea from COUNTRY LIVING

  • Wire Eggs 7 of 15

    These eggs are crafted using copper wire for a lovely effect!

    Get the idea from DRATOVANI

  • Pysanky Egg Dyeing 8 of 15

    Pysanky eggs take on a number of beautiful designs! 

    Get the idea from BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS

  • Marbelized Easter Eggs 9 of 15

    Marbelized color combinations create these beautiful and ethereal eggs!   

    Get the how-to on MARTHA STEWART

  • Fabric Dyed Eggs 10 of 15

    Different textiles are used to create a textured design on these contemporary Easter eggs!

    Get the idea from BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS

  • Blue Geometric Eggs 11 of 15

    These blue-hued eggs deserve a spot as an Easter table centerpiece! 

    Nab the idea from WE HEART IT

  • Delicate Easter Eggs 12 of 15

    A specialized drill is used to create these delicate eggs! 

    Get the idea from MOMELD

  • Exquisite Decal Eggs 13 of 15

    Exquisite designs are printed on tatoo decals to make these eggs extra special!  

    Get the idea from COUNTRY LIVING

  • Natural Botanical Eggs 14 of 15

    These lovely natural eggs showcase fresh herbs! 

    Get the idea from DUITANG

  • Watercolor Easter Eggs 15 of 15

    Eggs become a canvas for watercolor paint and wax crayons!   

    Get the idea from ALISA BURKE

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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