14 New Year’s Eve Cocktail Recipes!

14 Cocktail Recipes for New Year's Eve

Tonight is New Year’s Eve – woot! I wish I could be indulging more this year. But, since I can’t, I am writing about all of the delicious cocktails I’d love to be drinking with my friends. These all are such delicious looking beverages, many of which I’ve never tried before, I know I would adore sipping one or two while ringing in the new year with everyone. Oh well, next year I surely won’t be pregnant so I’ll make up for it then! In the mean time, here are fourteen easy and delicious New Year’s Eve cocktail recipes to make to ring in 2013!

  • Moscow Mule 1 of 14
    Moscow Mule
    Oprah can't be wrong - this drink is a favorite of hers for a reason!
    Make moscow mule
  • Apple Cider Punch 2 of 14
    Apple Cider Punch
    This festive fall punch is perfect for a casual party with friends.
    Make apple cider punch
  • Apricot Margaritas 3 of 14
    Apricot Margaritas
    These tasty margaritas are full of fresh fruit flavor and are festive enough for any fiesta.
    Make apricot margaritas
  • Bellinis 4 of 14
    Classic and sparkling, this gorgeous cocktail is always a hit with a crowd.
    Make bellinis
  • Milk Punch 5 of 14
    Milk Punch
    A classic southern treat, this gorgeous cocktail is perfectly festive for every occasion from New Year's Eve to Mardi Gras.
    Make milk punch
  • Nectarine Margarita with Fleur de Sel Rim 6 of 14
    Nectarine Margarita with Fleur de Sel Rim
    Punch up a fruity margarita with a fleur de sel rim and serve it to your party guests!
    Make nectarine margarita with fleur de sel rim
  • The POMosa Mocktail 7 of 14
    The POMosa Mocktail
    For those of you not drinking alcohol this holiday try these gorgeous sparkling pomegranate flavored mocktails!
    Make a POMosa mocktail
  • Red White & Blue Cocktail 8 of 14
    Red White & Blue Cocktail
    This gorgeous cocktail is so much fun for New Year's Eve and puts everyone in a festive mood with the vibrant colors!
    Make red white and blue cocktails
  • Chocolate Ginger Martini 9 of 14
    Chocolate Ginger Martini
    New Year's Eve is not a time to skimp on calories. Serve up some delicious chocolate martinis to your friends and let the good times roll!
    Make chocolate ginger martinis
  • French 77 10 of 14
    French 77
    This classic French cocktail is perfect for a sparkly fun party. It is light and delicious and the fruity flavor will be a hit with everyone!
    Make a French 77
  • Gingebread Martini 11 of 14
    Gingebread Martini
    Savor one last sip of the holiday season and make this delicious gingerbread martini!
    Make gingerbread martinis
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream 12 of 14
    Bailey's Irish Cream
    Bailey's Irish cream is perfect for sipping in front of the fire. This homemade version is a snap to make and would be so much fun to serve on the rocks to guests!
    Make Bailey's Irish cream
  • Orange Gin Fizz 13 of 14
    Orange Gin Fizz
    This throwback cocktail is perfect for those in mood for a light but strong beverage. Be sure to serve it with some spiced nuts!
    Make orange gin fizz
  • 5 Vodka Cocktails 14 of 14
    5 Vodka Cocktails
    There are several ways to spin a yummy vodka cocktail. Try one of these versions tonight, or let the guests choose from all five!
    Try one of these five vodka cocktails

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