14 Ways to Eat Hostess Frosted Devils Donettes for Breakfast!

Santa Hats

We are crazy about Hostess Frosted Devils Donettes here at Family Kitchen and have been eating them for breakfast all month long. There are so many tasty ways to prepare them. We’ve done everything from making them into Santa hats, to making kebobs and serving them to our elves. Every which way they’ve been totally tasty and chocolatey and have hit the spot every time. Check out these great ideas for ways you can eat Donettes for breakfast in your house!

  • Donettes Breakfast Trifle 1 of 14
    Donettes Breakfast Trifle
    Check this sweet breakfast triffle with berries and cream.
    Make donettes breakfast trifle
  • Elf on the Shelf Donettes 2 of 14
    Elf on the Shelf Donettes
    Treat your Elf on the Shelf to a delicious donettes breakfast with a shot of cold milk!
    Make your Elf on the Shelf donettes
  • Donettes Snowman 3 of 14
    Donettes Snowman
    Frosty is ready for breakfast! With a cute tophat and pearly buttons it is almost too cute to eat.
    Make donettes snowman
  • Donettes Milkshakes 4 of 14
    Donettes Milkshakes
    An awesome milkshake gets a chocolatey boost from devilish donettes making it the ultimate breakfast treat.
    Make donettes milkshakes
  • Donettes Reindeer 5 of 14
    Donettes Reindeer
    How cute is Rudolph with his fun reindeer makeover, the kids will love this!
    Make donettes reindeer
  • Donettes Double Dippers 6 of 14
    Donettes Double Dippers
    Why not double dip your donut and give it a sweet sprinkly coating for a festive touch?!
    Make donettes double dippers
  • Donettes Yogurt Parfait 7 of 14
    Donettes Yogurt Parfait
    Soft chunks of donettes nestled in creamy yogurt is the perfect easy breakfast for kids and adults alike.
    Make donettes yogurt parfait
  • Hostess Donette Breakfast Bites 8 of 14
    Hostess Donette Breakfast Bites
    Donettes make awesome breakfast sandwiches, especially with the luscious bites of strawberry and whipped spread.
    Make hostess donette breakfast bites
  • Donette Breakfast Skewers 9 of 14
    Donette Breakfast Skewers
    These fruity skewers are chocolatey and sweet, just like eating a chocolate covered fruit treat!
    Make donette breakfast skewers
  • Donette Christmas Tree 10 of 14
    Donette Christmas Tree
    This pretty and fun Christmas tree is perfect for Christmas morning, everyone will love the festive breakfast that doubles as a centerpiece.
    Make donette breakfast tree
  • Donettes Wreaths 11 of 14
    Donettes Wreaths
    Decorate your donettes like cool wreaths and use them to decorate your gingerbread house before digging in!
    Make donettes wreaths
  • Donettes Dunkers 12 of 14
    Donettes Dunkers
    Go ahead and dunk 'em! Donettes dunkers are so tasty when dunked in milk or hot chocolate!
    Make donettes dunkers
  • Donettes Santa Hats 13 of 14
    Donettes Santa Hats
    These Santa hats are totally adorable and make for a terrific fruity Christmas treat.
    Make donettes santa hats
  • Elf on the Shelf Donettes 14 of 14
    Elf on the Shelf Donettes
    Don't forget your Elf, they LOVE Donettes and here is how you can serve them for breakfast!
    Make elf on the shelf donettes

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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