15 Breads and Muffins Perfect for Easter Brunch

I don’t know about you, but bread in any form is my weakness, my achilles heel, my kryptonite! And Easter brunch breads? Forget about it. I’m done for!

Easter brunch is the perfect day to bring out your best bread and muffin recipes to complement all of the wonderful savory and sweet dishes at your feast. And who am I kidding, they’re perfect to whip up on their own, because if all you ate was the bread and muffins, that would be a good Easter brunch too. If you’re looking for breads and muffins perfect for Easter brunch, these 15 recipes have you covered!

  • Baked Goodies for Easter Brunch 1 of 16

    If you feel like baking for Easter, these bread and muffin recipes are just what you need!

  • Easter Carrot Muffins with a Cream Cheese Center 2 of 16

    These muffins are channeling carrot cake, making them a great addition to any Easter brunch!

    Get the recipe here on Babble!

  • Strawberry White Chocolate Chunk Scones 3 of 16

    These scones pair delicious spring strawberries with a little white chocolate.

    Get the recipe here on Babble!

  • Lemony Coconut Muffins 4 of 16

    These coconut muffins with lemon flavor will allow your gluten-free guests to indulge in bread, too!

    Get the recipe here on Babble!

  • Funfetti Banana Bread 5 of 16

    Banana bread is always great for an Easter brunch, especially with the added spring color of funfetti!

    Get the recipe here on Babble!

  • Blueberry Lemon Cream Scones 6 of 16

    Blueberries and lemon make a great flavor combination in these delicious breakfast scones.

    Get the recipe here on Babble!

  • Lemon Sticky Rolls 7 of 16

    Sticky rolls are a wonderful brunch food, and the bright flavor of lemon is perfect for spring.

    Get the recipe here on Dessert Now Dinner Later

    Photo source: Dessert Now Dinner Later

  • Hot Cross Buns 8 of 16

    Hot cross buns are the quintessential Easter bread!

    Get the recipe from Rock Recipes

    Photo source: Rock Recipes

  • Gluten-Free Biscuits 9 of 16

    Another gluten-free bread option, these biscuits are light and fluffy.

    Get the recipe from Autumn Makes & Does

    Photo source: Autumn Makes & Does

  • Orange Blueberry Fruffins 10 of 16

    This recipe takes two favorite brunch foods, French toast and muffins, and combines them into one delectable treat!

    Get the recipe from Wine & Glue

    Photo source: Wine & Glue

  • Banana Bread Muffins 11 of 16

    This recipe makes banana bread an easy-to-serve and easy-to-eat food for brunch.

    Get the recipe from Savory Simple

    Photo source: Savory Simple

  • Grain-Free Cornbread 12 of 16

    This savory "cornbread" is grain-free and a nice compliment to all kinds of wonderful brunch foods.

    Get the recipe from The Tomato Tart

    Photo source: The Tomato Tart

  • Swedish Almond Pastry 13 of 16

    This traditional Swedish pastry features almond flavor for something a little different and a lot delicious.

    Get the recipe from Yummy Healthy Easy

    Photo source: Yummy Healthy Easy

  • Blueberry Buttermilk Muffins 14 of 16

    Blueberry muffins are the classic morning muffins, finding a comfortable home on the brunch table.

    Get the recipe from Jen's Favorite Cookies

    Photo source: Jen's Favorite Cookies

  • Choereg 15 of 16

    Choereg is a traditional Armenian Easter bread round that is not only tasty but beautiful.

    Get the recipe from Taste, Love and Nourish

    Photo source: Taste, Love and Nourish

  • Strawberry Swirl Sweet Rolls 16 of 16

    Yes, cinnamon rolls are delicious, but these strawberry swirl rolls offer a fresh spring flavor twist.

    Get the recipe from Cookistry

    Photo source: Cookistry

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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