15 Clever Shortcuts for Lasagna

If pulling together a pan of lasagna sounds like a task you simply don’t have time for, we’ve got you covered! These 15 fun, simple shortcuts will turn the task of homemade lasagna-making into a treat. Not only do these recipes take away the prep time with all sorts of clever ideas, but they’re —guaranteed — heavenly delicious. Check them out, then grab the fixin’s and get cookin’!

  • Use Frozen Ravioli Noodles! 1 of 15
    Prepared, frozen ravioli is the secret behind this shortcut. Rather than waiting for noodles to boil, you simply layer stuffed ravioli with all the usual lasagna fixin's and you've got a meal ready in no time at all!
    Get the recipe for Ravioli Lasagna
    Photo: Julie Van Rosendaal
  • Use Egg Roll Wrappers! 2 of 15
    If you like lasagna, but don't like all the mess, try tossing together these Easy Lasagna Cups with egg roll wrappers. They cut down on the prep time, and make a batch full of fun, single-serving sized pasta cups that everyone will love!
    Get the recipe for Easy Lasagna Cups Photo: Paula Jones
  • Use Crescent Dough! 3 of 15
    Refrigerated dough takes the place of noodles in these fun-to-make and fun-to-eat Lasagna Pinwheel Bites!
    Get the recipe for Lasagna Pinwheel Bites
  • Use the Slow Cooker! 4 of 15
    The ultimate lasagna short-cut comes in the form of a slow cooker! Just layer, cover, and cook all day for the best ever pot of super-simple lasagna.
    Get the recipe for Slow Cooker Lasagna
  • Make Lasagna Soup! 5 of 15
    Rather than making a whole pan of lasagna, why not take the seasonal shortcut and turn it into a soup? This simple recipe will surprise you at how much it tastes like lasagna, without all the work!
    Get the recipe from A Farm Girl Dabbles
  • Use a Skillet instead of the Oven! 6 of 15
    Don't heat up that oven! This shortcut calls for a skillet, and that's it! Try pulling together this delicious recipe on a weeknight or lazy weekend for the ultimate dinner!
    Get the recipe from Generation Y Foodie
  • Use Wonton Wrappers! 7 of 15
    Wonton wrappers instead of noodles? You betta believe it! These mini Chicken Lasagna's bake up in no time, no boiling needed. Just fill, cook, and enjoy!
    Get the recipe from Strands of My Life
  • Make It No-Bake! 8 of 15
    It's easy to blame boiling the noodles as the extra step that makes homemade lasagna-baking a lengthy process. But, the fact that you generally have to bake the pan of layered noodles is also what makes the process time consuming. This recipe takes a shortcut from the traditional, by boiling the noodles, then topping with no-bake veggies. Splendid perfection!
    Get the recipe from Gull Fork Ahead
  • Stuff Mushrooms Instead! 9 of 15
    Who needs noodles? Try topping all your favorite lasagna ingredients into a portabella, then serving up this deliciously simple dish.
    Get the recipe from Pink Parsley
  • Make It the Easy Way! 10 of 15
    An easy version of Lasagna, made even easier because it's topped with Pepperoni. Just try having to force that into your kids bellies! They'll be gobbling it up before you even set plates on the table!
    Get the recipe from Please Note Paper
  • Use Polenta Instead of Pasta! 11 of 15
    Polenta makes this version of lasagna so much easier to toss together than you'd guess. Better yet, it offers a tasty shortcut from the traditional!
    Get the recipe from Food Doodles
  • Make it With Spaghetti Squash! 12 of 15
    Ever tried to make a healthy lasagna in a way that doesn't require massive prepping and roasting of a thousand veggies? Try this simple shortcut for Spaghetti Squash Veggie Lasagna.
    Get the recipe from Skinny Taste
  • Fill Your Pan With Rotini Pasta! 13 of 15
    Rotini Lasagna doesn't call for lasagna noodles, but the quick and easy addition of rotini. The best part about this shortcut meal? It's easier to serve than a plain-old pan of lasagna!
    Get the recipe from Sing for Your Supper Blog
  • Pile The Flavors Over a Burger, Instead of Baking Up a Pan! 14 of 15
    Rather than pulling together a whole dish of lasagna, bring the flavors to a simple recipe for hamburgers!
    Get the recipe from Taste and Tell Blog
  • Deconstruct the Process! 15 of 15
    Deconstructed lasagna turns an incredible lineup of ingredients into an easy bowl full of flavor!
    Get the recipe from Sippity Sup

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