15 Delectable Drinks with Apples!

Think the only way to enjoy apples in a glass is with apple juice? Think again! From ciders to smoothies to cocktails, apples make delicious appearances in all kinds of drinks!

  • An apple drink a day keeps the doctor away! 1 of 16
    apple drinks

    Drink your daily apple with these delectable recipes!

  • Caramel Apple Cider 2 of 16
    caramel apple cider

    You don't need to go to Starbucks for a perfect cup of caramel apple cider. This just might be my favorite autumn drink, so being able to make it at home just might be dangerous! 

    Make Caramel Apple Cider

  • Apple Pie Smoothie 3 of 16
    apple pie smoothie

    This simple smoothie has just four ingredients, is super healthy, and tastes just like apple pie in a glass minus the crust, of course!

    Make Apple Pie Smoothie from Dinners, Dishes and Desserts

  • Carrot, Apple & Spinach Juice 4 of 16
    carrot apple and spinach juice

    This healthy juice not only helps you get in your daily apple but a few servings of veggies, too! A great way to start your day!

    Make Carrot, Apple & Spinach Juice

  • Garlic Apple Juice 5 of 16
    garlic apple juice

    We know what you're thinking garlic apple juice? Kristina swears it's delicious plus it's super healthy! We think it's worth a try!

    Make Garlic Apple Juice from Spabettie

  • Spicy Appletini 6 of 16
    spicy appletini

    This fun apple cocktail has a kick and we're not just talking about the vodka!

    Make Spicy Appletini

  • Pumpkin Spice Apple Cider 7 of 16
    pumpkin spice apple cider

    Drinking a mug of apple cider spiked with pumpkin spice syrup will be no problem for me!

    Make Pumpkin Spice Apple Cider from Dinners, Dishes and Desserts

  • Candied Apple Cider 8 of 16
    candied apple cider

    This zippy apple cider drink only has two ingredients! Easy to make and packed with flavor and color, this apple drinks wins the prize for most fun!

    Make Candied Apple Cider

  • Flu-Fighting Red Grape Cooler 9 of 16
    flu-fighting red grape cooler

    Drink a glass of this refreshing cooler that's made to fight off the flu with all kinds of healthy antioxidants! The grapes may take center stage, but the apples are still in there doing their job!

    Make Flu-Fighting Red Grape Cooler from Spabettie

  • Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail 10 of 16
    caramel apple cider cocktail

    Sure, apple cider is nice on a cool autumn night, but it can warm you up even more when you make it a cocktail!

    Make Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail

  • Apple Pie Milkshake 11 of 16
    apple pie milkshake

    Who wouldn't want to drink apple pie in a milkshake? That's what I thought nobody!

    Make Apple Pie Milkshake from Chocolate, Chocolate and More

  • Googly Eye Apple Cider in Apple Cups 12 of 16
    googly eye apple cider in apple cups

    I love how cute the googly eyes are in this apple cider recipe, but even without the crazy eyes, this is still a super cute drink served right in the apple!

    Make Googly Eye Apple Cider in Apple Cups

  • Green Apple Detox Juice 13 of 16
    green apple detox juice

    Get your greens in with this apple detox juice, which utilizes fall's apple bounty in a delicious and nutritious way.

    Make Green Apple Detox Juice

  • Apple Peanut Butter Banana Shake 14 of 16
    apple peanut butter banana shake

    This healthy, dairy-free shake is perfect for breakfast or as a wholesome treat!

    Make Apple Peanut Butter Banana Shake

  • Hot Buttered Rum 15 of 16
    hot buttered rum

    This hot buttered rum is another rich and cozy cocktail to enjoy on a cool autumn night.

    Make Hot Buttered Rum

  • Warm Apple Cider Punch 16 of 16
    warm apple cider punch

    This warm punch is filled with all kinds of delicious flavors apple, butter beer and lemon! 

    Make Warm Apple Cider Punch

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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