15 Delicious Ways To Use Truffle Salt

Truffle salt is a great way to add that distinctive, earthy, “truffle-y” flavor to your dishes, at a fraction of the cost of whole truffles. And did you know that it works as well in sweet dishes as it does savory ones? Here are some mouth-watering ideas to inspire you!

  • 15 Delicious Uses For Truffle Salt! 1 of 16
    15 ways to use truffle salt

    Truffle Salt is pricey - but you only need a little bit to lend a BIG flavor to almost any dish!

  • Fried Chick Peas With Truffle Salt 2 of 16
    authentic suburban gourmet fried chickpeas with truffle salt

    Fried chick peas are one of my favorite treats - I can only imagine how delicious they would be with garlic and truffle salt!
    Image and recipe courtesy of Authentic Suburban Gourmet

  • Seared Scallop Salad 3 of 16
    kitchen m seared scallop salad with truffle salt

    How beautiful is this seared scallop salad?
    Find the recipe on Kitchen M

  • Truffled Scrambled Eggs 4 of 16
    lifes ambrosia truffle scrambled eggs

    Monday morning just got an upgrade.
    Find out how to make these truffled scrambled eggs at Life's Ambrosia

  • Steamed Green Beans with Truffle Salt 5 of 16
    primal palate green beans with truffle salt

    These green beans are a perfect example of how a little truffle salt can enhance even the simplest of dishes.
    Image and recipe courtesy of Primal Palate

  • Truffled Roasted Potatoes 6 of 16
    savory sweet life roasted potatoes with truffle salt

    I'm imagining that these roasted potatoes are as delicious as they are beautiful - can you picture these at your fall dinner table?
    Image and recipe courtesy of Savory Sweet Life

  • Truffle Salt Popcorn 7 of 16
    donuts dresses and dirt popcorn with truffle salt

    How about some gourmet popcorn for your next "Movie Night"?
    Learn how to make Popcorn With Truffle Salt at Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

  • Hazelnut Hummus 8 of 16
    babble spiced hazelnut hummus

    This unusual (and vegan!) hummus is sweet, spicy and uses hazelnuts both inside and out.

    Get the recipe for Hazelnut Hummus at Babble

    Image: Kathy Patalsky


  • Roasted Red Pepper Dip 9 of 16
    babble double roasted red pepper hummus

    This smoky dip does double duty as a creamy salad dressing too.

    Get the recipe for Double Roasted Red Pepper Hummus at Babble

    Image:Kathy Patalsky

  • Summer Tomato and Roasted Garlic Hummus 10 of 16
    babble summer tomato hummus with truffle salt

    Roasted garlic, sweet summer tomatoes and truffle salt combine to make this irresistable dip!

    Get the recipe for Sweet Summer Tomato Roasted Garlic Hummus at Babble

    Image:Kathy Patalsky

  • Grilled Cheese with Truffle Salt 11 of 16
    fleur de sel gruyere grilled cheese

    Can you say "over the top"? Gruyere, fig jam and truffle salt take the humble grilled cheese sandwich to the next level.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Fleur de Sel

  • "Mall Pretzels" With Truffle Salt 12 of 16
    cannella vita mall pretzels with truffle salt

    Skip the mall, and make these divine soft pretzels sprinkled with truffle salt!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Cannella Vita

  • Truffle Salt Burgers 13 of 16
    everyday maven truffle salt burgers

    Your barbeque just got way fancy, thanks to these truffle salt burgers.
    Image and recipe courtesy of Everyday Maven

  • Truffled Potato Chips 14 of 16
    fleur de sel gruyere potato chips with truffle salt

    Homemade chips beat store bought any day. Give your snack time a makeover with these truffled potato chips!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Fleur de Sel

  • Truffle Salted Chocolate Crisps 15 of 16
    my windy city chocolate crisps with truffle salt

    A sprinkle of truffle salt elevates these gluten-free cookies to something truly special.
    Image and recipe courtesy of My Windy City

  • Caramels With Truffle Salt 16 of 16
    the humble gourmet caramels with truffle salt

    Salted caramels are a classic combination. Truffle salted caramels? Genius.
    Image and recipe courtesy of The Humble Gourmet

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