15 Dips for Super Bowl

You’ve got your chili recipe and other snacks for your big super bowl party, but what are you going to dip those chips, bread and wings into? I’ve found the tastiest dips around and brought them here just for you. Read more for all the great super bowl dip recipes..

  • Hot And Cheesy Black Eyed Pea Dip 1 of 15
    Hot And Cheesy Black Eyed Pea Dip

    On the freezing cold super bowl Sunday, a nice hot and soothing dip sound perfect.
    Make your own hot and cheesy black eyes pea dip

  • The Perfect Buffalo Chicken Dip 2 of 15
    The Perfect Buffalo Chicken Dip

    You found the perfect buffalo chicken dip, now you've got the perfect dip. Celebrate!
    Make your own perfect buffalo chicken dip

  • Fiesta Black Bean Dip 3 of 15
    Fiesta Black Bean Dip

    It's a party in your dip. It's kind of a like 7 layer dip, but this one is all warm, no cold sour cream and guacamole here.
    Make your own Fiesta black bean dip

  • Spicy Caramelized Onion Dip 4 of 15
    Spicy Caramelized Onion Dip

    I just might make this to have in the kitchen while I prepare everything else. Yes, I admitted to not sharing this recipe.
    Make your own spicy caramelized onion dip

  • Pinto Bean Dip With Pita And Carrots 5 of 15
    Pinto Bean Dip With Pita And Carrots

    A creamy bean dip I can see dipping a chip with a little salsa for an extra tasty treat.
    Make your own pinto bean dip with pita and carrots

  • Roasted Red Pepper Hummus 6 of 15
    Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

    This one is going front and center. The kids and adults are going to love the sweet pepper flavor combined with hummus.
    Make your own roasted red pepper hummus

  • Easy Pepperoni Pizza Dip 7 of 15
    Easy Pepperoni Pizza Dip

    I can imagine the kids sneaking this dip away and the adults sneaking it back.
    Make your own easy pepperoni pizza dip

  • Sunflower Asparagus Dip 8 of 15
    Sunflower Asparagus Dip

    For those of you that need a little sophistication in your dip.
    Make your own sunflower asparagus dip

  • 7Layer Loaded Nacho Dip 9 of 15
    7Layer Loaded Nacho Dip

    Because we all love a good 7 layer and this one is the best!
    Make your own loaded nacho dip

  • Warm Artichoke Spinach Dip 10 of 15
    Warm Artichoke Spinach Dip

    This is a dangerous dip for me, I have been known to drop everything, sit down next to it and eat it all.
    Make your own warm artichoke spinach dip

  • Trio Of Healthier Dips 11 of 15
    Trio Of Healthier Dips

    For a healthier option to the ranch, taco, and onion dip, try these.
    Make your own trio of healthier dips

  • Homemade Pesto Dip 12 of 15
    Homemade Pesto Dip

    I want to serve this with sliced french bread...and breath mints.
    Get the recipe for homemade pesto dip at Cooking With My Kid

  • Edamame Hummus 13 of 15
    Edamame Hummus

    This is one protein packed dip of deliciousness.
    Get the recipe for edamame hummus at Cooking With My Kid

  • Spicy Queso Cheese Dip 14 of 15
    Spicy Queso Cheese Dip

    Who doesn't want a classic these dip for their super bowl party?!
    Get the recipe for spicy queso cheese dip at Crock Pot Of Gold

  • Perfect Guacamole 15 of 15
    Perfect Guacamole

    Guacamole is a must have and this one is perfect, so go ahead and serve it with pride.
    Get the recipe for perfect guacamole at Simply Recipes

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