15 Great Gifts for the Drink Lover in Your Family

Holiday shopping isn’t always easy, especially for the person who has everything. But if there’s someone in your family who loves spirits, beer, or wine, we’ve got 15 stellar gifts ideas that they’re sure to adore. Inspired by The Daily Meal, we present 15 distinctive and unique gifts below the jump.


  • Bar Compass 1 of 15
    Bar Compass
    This handy bar compass delivers 16 of your favorite cocktail recipes right to your fingertips. Small and compact, it's a great gift idea perfect for your niece who just went off to grad school.
    Get the Bar Compass
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  • Glass Bitters Bottle 2 of 15
    Glass Bitters Bottle
    Bitters are a serious business nowadays, and this sleek bitters bottle will add class to any home bar.
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  • ‘Brewed Awakening’ by Josh Bernstein 3 of 15
    'Brewed Awakening' by Josh Bernstein
    New parents don't get to drink much beer, but they can still read about it! Everything you've ever wanted to know about craft beer and more -- just the thing for the beer enthusiast on your list.
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  • Stainless Steel Ice Tray 4 of 15
    Stainless Steel Ice Tray
    It can feel a little strange to spend so much on an ice tray, but this stainless steel ice tray looks cool and it's a gift the host or hostess in your family will use for years to come. Any home bartender worth her salt knows that silicone trays can sometimes give drinks a strange flavor (and no one wants to hear kids complaining that their mocktails taste funny).
    Get a stainless steel ice tray
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  • Toss Martini Pimento Green Spanish Stuffed Olives in Vodka & Vermouth 5 of 15
    Toss Martini Pimento Green Spanish Stuffed Olives in Vodka & Vermouth
    Many parents rarely have time for martinis (and the effects of one!). So, whether it's shaken or stirred, make sure it's top-notch with these these perfectly seasoned, martini ready vermouth-soaked olives.
    Get martini olives
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  • Cuisinart® Lemon SmartPower® Compact Blender 6 of 15
    Cuisinart® Lemon SmartPower® Compact Blender
    This compact and colorful little blender is perfect for blending drinks and making smoothies. Its small footprint guarantees it will look great without taking up a ton of counter space.
    Get the Cuisinart SmartPower Compact Blender
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  • Whiskey Stones 7 of 15
    Whiskey Stones
    Put your booze on the rocks literally. These stylish soapstone cubes will cool cocktails, or any beverage, without diluting them.
    Get Whiskey Stones
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  • Japanese Ice Pick 8 of 15
    Japanese Ice Pick
    Cocktails were cooler in the 50's. Why? Ice picks. Keep your cool at family parties with this elegant Japanese model.
    Get the Japanese ice pick
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    Image Credit: William Sonoma
  • SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker 9 of 15
    SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker
    For mocktails, cocktails, or plain fizzy refreshment, the SodaStream home soda maker is quickly becoming an indispensable kitchen tool. This handy machine turns plain water into homemade seltzer -- you can even add your own flavors!
    Get the SodaStream soda maker
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  • Glenfiddich 15-year Single Malt Scotch Whisky 10 of 15
    Glenfiddich 15-year Single Malt Scotch Whisky
    Does your husband watch the "hard-working" men on Mad Men in disgust and awe? Then get him this classic Glenfiddich 15-year single malt scotch for the home office/bar/man cave.
    Get Glenfiddich 15 year Single Malt Scotch
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  • Chef’n Citrus Juicer 11 of 15
    Chef'n Citrus Juicer
    Since the best margaritas, toddies, and mocktails are made fresh, give the mixologist in your family this simple, invaluable hand citrus juicer. From young adults to grandparents, everyone will love this efficient device, and the delicious citrus flavors it produces.
    Get Chef'n Citrus Juicer
    Use the citrus juicer to make Yellow Watermelon Margaritas
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  • ‘Mr. Boston: Official Bartender’s & Party Guide’ 12 of 15
    'Mr. Boston: Official Bartender's & Party Guide'
    The classic cocktail bible, Mr. Boston is a great resource for the young adults in the family. From the old fashioned to the sazerac, Mr. Boston is an essential education in all things cocktail.
    Get Mr. Boston: Official Bartender's & Party Guide
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  • Home Brewing Kit 13 of 15
    Home Brewing Kit
    Give a dad a beer and he drinks for a half-hour, but teach a dad to brew beer, and he drinks for the rest of his life. This home brew kit from Monster Brew has everything the aspiring brew master needs to get started -- from the fermentation bucket to the ingredients to the bottles.
    Get a home brew beer kit
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  • Wine Appreciation Classes 14 of 15
    Wine Appreciation Classes
    If the grandparents in your life love wine, why not get them some educational wine classes? Many wine shops, culinary schools, and community colleges offer wine tasting classes. These classes are a great way to hone one's knowledge of wine, and have a blast doing it.
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  • Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters 15 of 15
    Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters
    Artisanal bitters? But of course! These Brooklyn-made bitters come in flavors like rhubarb, black mission fig, Meyer lemon, and spicy sriracha, there's no limit to the amazing cocktails you can dream up. Bust these out at the next family barbeque and make cocktails with pizazz.
    Get Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters
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