15 Edible Crafts To Make With Kids Over The School Break

Winter recess begins today at my kids’ school. Boy, are they excited! I’m delighted that we’ll be able to spend time together and not be subject to the school schedule. I love the lazy mornings we spend in our pajamas, eating breakfast a little later than usual, and taking it easy. Even with new toys to play with, places to go, and people to see, my kids will inevitably tell me they are bored. I’m already anticipating it and this year I’m prepared. I’ve armed myself with a bunch of great ideas for edible crafts that will keep their creative juices flowing, and their hands and bodies busy. I love projects that can double as healthy snacks!

  • 15 Edible Crafts To Make With Kids 1 of 16
    15 edible crafts to make with kids

    Harness all of that creative energy radiating from your kids by making these edible crafts that will keep their hands and minds busy - not to mention they're tasty too!

  • Snowman Pizza 2 of 16

    I think most kids really enjoy being in the kitchen helping in some way. As soon as I pull out my rolling pin, my kids are right at my side asking for a little job to do. My kids LOVE making homemade pizza together. This pizza is a fun way to get kids involved, and to create a meal, and a hopefully a lasting memory, together. The grownup makes the dough and the kids get to help with the toppings.
    See the tutorial and get the recipe for this darling Snowman Pizza on Creative Juice.

  • Action Bingo Snack 3 of 16
    active bingo snack

    This craft isn't edible in the same way as the others on the list. When the weather is a bit too frightful to be outside, I am always trying to think of games or activities to get my kids moving. They absolutely loved the idea of Action Bingo. I made the Bingo board on heavy card stock and let them choose which activities to write in the squares. When the space is called, they get to do the activity written in the space, and place a cracker in the square when it's completed. The activities are fun and help them get their bodies moving, and the result is a lot of giggling. One kid might be acting like a monkey at the same time another one is posing like a statue. After the game, everyone gets to enjoy their snack.
    Photo credit: Lindsey Johnson

  • Snowman PB+J Sandwiches 4 of 16
    snowman pb+j sandwich

    Turn lunchtime into a fun activity by creating a snowman sandwich picture on a plate. You could add all sorts of cut up veggies and fruit to make other wintry scenes, but I think the snowman with clouds and snow is the cutest thing ever. Kids can help spread the pb + j on the bread and decorate their snowman, and if you dare, dust with "snow."
    See how to make this cute-as-a-button snowman sandwich on Wenderly.

  • Jolly Snowman Bread 5 of 16
    snowman bread

    If you feel like tackling homemade rolls, this is a fun activity that kids can help with too. After the dough is made, kids can form the balls, and add their own embellishments for their snowman. After it's baked, they can pick a ribbon for the scarf. Of course the eating part is also fun!
    Get the recipe for Snowman Bread on Spoonful.

  • Ants and Bug Snacks 6 of 16
    cracker bug + celery ants

    These creepy critters are super easy for little hands to create. Classic peanut butter ant logs topped with currants are a crunchy, nutty treat. For the bugs, spread a little cream cheese on a cracker and top with two clementine segments and a dried cherry (or cranberry) for the head.
    Photo credit: Lindsey Johnson

  • Cracker Tessellations 7 of 16
    cracker tessellations

    Give your kids a big piece of paper and a big pile of different shaped crackers and have them create tessellations. Munching while creating patterns is highly encouraged.
    Photo credit: Lindsey Johnson

  • Marshmallow Sculptures 8 of 16
    marshmallow sculptures

    Let kids create 3D sculptures using toothpicks and marshmallows. For a totally edible sculpture, swap out the toothpicks for thin pretzel sticks. Offer themes - bugs, space creatures, under the sea, buildings, people, etc. If you have edible markers, you could let them really get creative as they decorate their sculptures with vibrant color.
    Photo credit: Lindsey Johnson

  • Go Bananas! 9 of 16
    food art with bananas

    Bananas are healthy, yes, but they are also awesome for helping kids create food art that they can eat. I love the creativity of these banana snacks. Getting your kids to eat their veggies and fruit might be a tad easier if they get to have fun and play around with their food first.
    See 7 more fun ways to create food art with bananas on Butter With a Side of Bread.

    Photo credit: Jessica Williams

  • Cereal Necklaces + Snowflake Pictures 10 of 16
    cereal necklace + snowflake

    Every preschool kid loves this activity, but I always forget that my older kids still enjoy it too. A nice reminder that little (and big) hands love to string cereal "beads" onto ribbon. It can help teach them how to make patterns too. Making cereal pictures is a lot of fun too. Lay out a plain piece of paper, or if you have access to one, lay down a picture or pattern that they can copy with the cereal. Cereal snowflakes are a fun one. No two are alike! If they want to save their pictures instead of or in addition to munching on the cereal, use a little white school glue.
    Photo credit: Lindsey Johnson

  • Snowman Thumbprint Cookies 11 of 16

    Quite possibly the cutest snowman cookies I've ever seen! These are definitely a cookie that kids can help make. They can help make the dough, roll into balls, and use their thumbs to make the indentation. After they are baked, they can help decorate and give their snowmen a face and buttons down the front.
    Get the recipe and tutorial for Snowman Thumbprint Cookies  from In Katrina's Kitchen.

    Photo and recipe by Sue of Munchkin Munchies.

  • Edible 3D Cookie Tree 12 of 16
    3D cookie tree

    Feeling up to a bigger, slightly more involved project? This 3D cookie tree is not only awesome, but totally doable. Little and big kids can help stack cookies and place the decorations. Don't let those presents fool you! They are easier to make than you might think. Every part of this project is kid-friendly, easy, and delicious!
    See the tutorial for making your very own 3D Cookie Tree on Creative Juice.

  • DIY Edible Paint 13 of 16

    Painting is one of my kids' very favorite art projects. But they've never been able to eat the paint before! Painting with Cool Whip is super easy, fun, and colorful. This is a great sensory activity that kids of all ages (and probably the grownups too!) will love.
    Find out how easy it is to paint with Cool Whip on Living on Love.

  • Pretzel Roller Coaster 14 of 16
    pretzel roller coaster

    Hold a contest to see who can build the most fantastic thing out of pretzels, crackers, or other edible snacks. This roller coaster is super impressive and would keep those kids busy for hours and hours of fun.
    See how this roller coaster was built on Croqzine.

  • Waffle Cone Christmas Trees 15 of 16
    waffle cone tree

    Every gingerbread house needs a forest of trees to go with it! Keep kids busy and use up extra Christmas candy by making trees out of ice cream cones. So simple to make, even younger kids will have fun creating their own colorful tree. Don't forget a star for the top!
    See how to make these Waffle Cone Christmas Trees on Somewhat Simple.

  • Snowman Popcorn Cups 16 of 16
    snowman popcorn cups

    Family movie time is one of our favorite activities when school is out. We bring all the blankets and pillows into the family room and plop down on the floor to watch a show together. We always have plenty of popcorn too! This craft makes eating popcorn even more fun and festive by decorating a clear plastic cup with a snowman face. If you have extra bits of ribbon hanging around, this is a good way to use or reuse it. This would be a perfect activity and snack for a New Year's Eve party.
    See how to make these cute Snowman Popcorn Cups on Creative Kids Snacks.

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