15 Favorite Fall Stew Recipes

The leaves have turned and started falling, the temperature has dropped into the 30s and sometimes 20s in the mornings, and that means it is time for a bowl or two of hot stew. There are so many wonderful stews to make in the fall. They are so hearty and comforting on a cold day and just seem to warm you all the way through. These 15 stew recipes should help start your fall off just right.

  • 15 Favorite Fall Stew Recipes 1 of 16
    15 Favorite Fall Stew Recipes

    Follow the links to these 15 stew recipes your family will love this fall.

  • Slow Cooker Beef Stew 2 of 16

    Full of beef and vegetables, this hearty slow cooker beef stew is so easy to make. Just let the slow cooker do the work.

    Source: Add a Pinch

  • Brunswick Stew 3 of 16

    For a delicious, hearty and spicy meal, try this recipe for brunswick stew.  A dish of chicken, beef, and pork cooked with potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables and spices is a treat on cool fall evenings.

    Source:  Add a Pinch

  • Irish Stew 4 of 16

    Irish stew is a delicious, hearty stew with lamb, potatoes, carrots, and herbs.

    Source:  Recipe Girl


  • Basque Lamb Stew 5 of 16
    2-Basque Lamb Stew 7

    Basque lamb stew is full of tender lamb, carrots, and herbs, and is just right for a cold fall day.

    Source:  Recipe Girl


  • Pork Stew with Clams, Mussels, and Spicy Red Pepper Sauce 6 of 16

    Pork stew with clams, mussels, and spicy red pepper sauce is such a hearty and delicious stew. The recipe includes instructions for a gluten free version.

    Source:  Recipe Girl

  • Irish Beef Stew 7 of 16

    Irish beef stew is a slow cooker recipe that is so flavorful with tender beef, vegetables, and red wine and Irish beer.

    Source:  The Little Kitchen

  • Beef Stew with Cinnamon and Yams 8 of 16

    With the flavors of fall, this beef stew with cinnamon and yams has a hint of sweet taste that does not overpower the meat.

    Source:  My Kitchen Addiction

  • Rustic Chickpea Stew with Apricots 9 of 16

    Rustic chickpea stew with apricots is a slow cooker vegetarian dish that is full of flavor from the apricots, turnips, and apple juice.

    Source:  Simple Bites

  • Roasted Green Chiles Stew 10 of 16

    Roasted green chiles stew has a wonderful smoky and spicy flavor from the chiles and chipotle that really enhances the beef.

    Source:  A Southern Fairy Tale

  • Moroccan Vegetable Stew 11 of 16

    Moroccan vegetable stew is filled with such yummy vegetables as butternut squash, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onions.  Add the garbanzo beans and spices and it is amazing!

    Source:  How Sweet Eats

  • Brazilian Black Bean Stew 12 of 16

    Brazilian black bean stew is the perfect meal to celebrate fall. Sweet potatoes, black beans, crumbled bacon, and fresh orange juice mke this a scrumptious dish

    Source: Foodie with Family

  • Fall Beef Stew with Apples 13 of 16
    Fall stew with apples

    Fall beef stew with apples is a spicy stew filled with dried apricots, apple, beef, and spices.

    Source:  Eat 2 Gather

  • Fall Style Chicken Stew with Sausage and Beans 14 of 16

    Fall style chicken stew with sausage and beans is the perfect comfort food this fall when the days are cool. So much flavor in one dish!

    Source: Picky Palate

  • Venison Bourguignon 15 of 16

    Venison bourguignon is a delicious blend of tender venison, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, red wine, and herbs and butter.  

    Source:  A Spicy Perspective

  • San Francisco Cioppino 16 of 16

    San Francisco Cioppino is a delicious fish stew made with white fish, shrimp or lobster, and mussels or clams. Wish I had a bowl right now.

    Source: A Spicy Perspective

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