15 Insanely Fun Things To Do With A Can Of Frosting

Frosting is so much more than topping for cake.  The creamy texture is perfect in a wide array of recipes.  Go crazy with your frosting and invent a whole new “thing”- just remember to have fun!  If you just can’t think outside the box, we’ve done it for you- here are 15 insanely fun things to do with a can of frosting.

  • 15 Insanely Fun Things To Do With A Can Of Frosting 1 of 16

    No cake?  No worries.  Now's the time to break out that can of frosting in your pantry!

  • Spring Strawberry Cake Truffles 2 of 16

    Get ready for the fresh, sweet taste of spring with these super easy truffles!

    Get the recipe for Spring Strawberry Cake Truffles

  • Frosting Rimmed Glasses 3 of 16

    Turn milk drinking into a festive occasion- dip glass rims in frosting and sprinkles!

    Get the idea from PRUDENT BABY

  • Frosting Dipped Pretzels 4 of 16

    Your kids can help turn these plain pretzels into fun, whimsical treats! 

    Get the idea from TORI SPELLING

  • Foolproof Peanut Butter Fudge 5 of 16

    This decadent fudge is seriously easy to make!

    Get the recipe from REAL MOM KITCHEN

  • Chocolate Baked Donuts 6 of 16

    Dress up donuts with a can of frosting and sprinkles!

    Get the recipe from SHUGARY SWEETS

  • Sculptable Frosting 7 of 16

    Your kids will flip for this frosting they can play with!

    Get the recipe from THE DECORATED COOKIE

  • Red Velvet And Nutella Cake In A Jar 8 of 16

    Sneak layers of frosting into a this lovely trifle cake! 

    Get the recipe for Red Velvet And Nutella Cake In A Jar

  • Spring Fruit Pizza 9 of 16

    Make a sweet pizza with fresh fruit and frosting for a special treat!

    Get the recipe from COOKING HOBBY

  • Too Cute Fairy Bread From Down Under 10 of 16

    Soft white bread spread with a thin layer of frosting and topped with sprinkles will delight any child!

    Get the recipe from THE KITCHN

  • Peanut Butter Ritz White Chocolate Fudge 11 of 16

    You'll want to try this insanely good combo of salty and sweet! 

    Get the recipe from COOKIES AND CUPS

  • Cream Cheese & Carrot Cake Muddy Buddies 12 of 16

    Yes, you can sneak frosting into Muddy Buddies, and they're amazing!

    Get the recipe from SOMETHING SWANKY

  • Strawberry 3 Muskateers Fudge 13 of 16

    These easy to make fudge bars are bright, cheery, and delicious!

    Get the recipe from INSIDE BRUCREW LIFE

  • Frosting Sandwiches 14 of 16

    The perfect food to make when you're short on time and have frosting to spare!

    Get the recipe from ITSY BITSY FOODIES

  • Funfetti Waffles 15 of 16

    Make breakfast amazing with these celebratory waffles!

    Get the recipe from FOOD I LOVE

  • Red Velvet Pancakes With Cream Cheese Frosting 16 of 16

    These gorgeous pancakes have special occasion and dessert status! 

    Get the recipe from SOMETHING SWANKY

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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