15 Irresistible Easter Treats, Because Cadbury Mini Eggs Should Be Consumed In Batches

Can you not resist the charm and taste of the Cadbury Mini Egg?  This is perhaps one of the most clever candies around- a milk chocolate middle surrounded by a crispy candy coating in the loveliest of pastel shades.  They’re the perfect size for popping in your mouth, and it’s impossible to stop at just one.  If you can’t get enough of these wonderful Easter candies, they can become perfect ingredients in dessert and as toppers too.  We’ve rounded up 15 irresistible Easter treats, because we think Cadbury Mini Eggs should be consumed in batches!

  • 15 Irresistible Easter Treats, Because Cadbury Mini Eggs Should Be Consumed In Batches 1 of 16

    You're gonna want to stock up on Cadbury Mini Eggs, because these recipes are too good not to try!

  • Easter Eggs In Brownie Nests 2 of 16

    One-bite brownies make the best nesting spot for crunchy Cadbury Mini Eggs!

    Get the recipe for Easter eggs in Brownie Nests

  • Cadbury Mini Egg Cake Dip 3 of 16

    Serve with animal crackers and you may not be able to stop eating this addictive dip!


  • Easter Springtime Birds Nest 4 of 16

    Chow Mein noodles and marshmallows make beautiful nests for sweet Cadbury Mini Eggs!


  • Cadbury Easter Egg Bark 5 of 16

    Cadbury Mini Eggs sit atop two layers of smooth, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate for absolute chocolate heaven!

    Get the recipe from TUTTI DOLCI

  • Easter Cake 6 of 16

    This lovely cake makes a beautiful and festive Easter centerpiece!

    Get the recipe from KITCHEN KARATE

  • Cadbury Mini Eggs Blondies 7 of 16

    Why not add some oomph to you blondies- Cadbury Mini Eggs do just the trick!

    Get the recipe from CHEF IN TRAINING

  • Robins Egg Nests 8 of 16

    The fluffy white nests are made from marshmallow and coconut- you'll love this sweet, beautiful treat!

    Get the recipe from MAMA MISS

  • White Chocolate Puppy Chow With Cadbury Eggs 9 of 16

    This snack is full of Easter goodies- a great way to use up extra eggs!

    Get the recipe from DESIGN EAT REPEAT

  • Cadbury Mini Egg Pretzel Treats 10 of 16

    This sweet and salty combo is an Easter winner! 

    Get the recipe from MY SISTER'S SUITCASE

  • Dark Chocolate Fudge With Cadbury Mini Eggs 11 of 16

    Give your fudge an Easter twist with Cadbury Mini Eggs- it makes fudge that much better!

    Get the recipe from DELICIOUS DISHINGS

  • Easter Mini Cheesecakes 12 of 16

    These mini cheesecakes have a sugar cookie crust- nestle Cadbury Mini Eggs on top for out of this world taste!

    Get the recipe from EASYBAKED

  • Coconut Macaroon Nests 13 of 16

    Make both chocolate and vanilla macaroon nests- which ones will disappear first?

    Get the recipe from FOODBABBLES

  • Cadbury Mini Egg Cookie Dough Brownie 14 of 16

    Brownies, cookie dough, and Cadbury Mini Eggs all in one dessert- a sinful eating experience!

    Get the recipe from CAPTURING JOY

  • Nested Easter Egg Cupcakes 15 of 16

    This crafty cupcake uses simple chocolate shards as a nest- clever!

    Get the recipe from BAKERS ROYALE

  • Cadbury Easter Egg Phyllo Cups 16 of 16

    With a trifecta of chocolate, toasted coconut, and Cadbury Mini Eggs, these phyllo cups are richly satisfying!

    Get the recipe from TUTTI DOLCI

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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