15 Amazing Kids Birthday Cakes

  • Princess Birthday Cake 1 of 15
    Every little girl deserves a princess birthday cake once in her childhood, and this one’s super-simple to make.
    Make Princess Birthday Cake »
  • Make-up Compact Cake 2 of 15
    Spoil your beauty-obssesed girl on her next birthday with this gorgeous make-up compact birthday cake. Looks like the real thing.
    Make the Make-Up Compact Cake »
  • Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes 3 of 15
    These gorgeous ice-cream cupcakes are easy to make and eat and hide a yummy secret: lollipops piled in the cone!
    Make Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes »
  • Dino Cake 4 of 15
    Rawr! (or Rarw if you're a little dyslexic!): This friendly green stegosaurus will thrill your dino-crazed kids..
    Make Dino Cake »
  • Handbag Birthday Cake 5 of 15
    The most stylish of little girls will adore this birthday cake, inspired by the fashion glossies.
    Make Handbag Birthday Cake »
  • Hollywood Starlet Birthday Cake 6 of 15
    Little girls will imagine walking the red carpet when they see this snazzy birthday cake, complete with its own Hollywood sign.
    Make Hollywood Starlet Birthday Cake »
  • Monogrammed Cupcakes 7 of 15
    If you want to add the personal touch to your birthday baking, then these initialed cupcakes
    are perfect.
    Make Monogrammed Cupcakes »
  • Pirate Face Birthday Cake 8 of 15
    Ahoy there, mateys! This is the perfect birthday cake for your next swashbuckling pirate
    birthday party!
    Make Pirate Face Birthday Cake »
  • Princess Crown Cupcakes 9 of 15
    Your little princess will love these pretty birthday cupcakes that make her royalty on her special day.
    Make Princess Crown Cupcakes »
  • Rubber Duckie Cupcakes 10 of 15
    Perfect for baby showers or celebrating your child’s first birthday, these cupcakes are super cute and easy to make.
    Make Rubber Duckie Cupcakes »
  • Soccer Field Birthday Cake 11 of 15
    Just in time for the World Cup, here’s a trend for your little striker.
    Make Soccer Field Birthday Cake »
  • Spaceship Birthday Cake 12 of 15
    5, 4, 3, 2, 1…blast off with this delicious rocket ship and make your kid’s birthday extra special.
    Make Spaceship Birthday Cake »
  • Pirate Ship Birthday Cake 13 of 15
    Any little kid with Captain Jack Sparrow dreams will love this mighty pirate ship cake for their
    next birthday.
    Make Pirate Ship Birthday Cake »
  • Bouncing Balls Cake 14 of 15
    No matter what sport your son or daughter plays, they’re going to love this bouncing ball birthday
    cake delight.
    Make bouncing balls cake »
  • Balloon Birthday Cake 15 of 15
    Kids will be wowed with this bright and colorful balloon birthday cake. And it tastes just as good as it looks! Make Balloon Birthday Cake »

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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