15 Man Breakfasts For Father’s Day

What dad’s really want for Father’s Day is man food for breakfast, you can skip the fresh fruit and fluffy whipped cream, please. Go ahead and make dad that stick to your ribs, greasy bacon filled breakfast and serve it right in bed. I’ve put together lots of breakfast ideas to inspire and get the dad in your life excited.

  • Bacon And Egg Biscuit Muffins 1 of 15
    Bacon And Egg Biscuit Muffins
    This is perfect for dad because it's got all the ingredients of a man breakfast - bacon, egg, biscuit AND it's utensil free!
    Make dad some bacon and egg biscuit muffins
  • Dad Chili 2 of 15
    Dad Chili
    Are you thinking chill for breakfast? Well, serve this simple meat and beans chili over some breakfast potatoes and dad will be in heaven.
    Make dad some dad chili
  • Pancake Sandwich With Bacon And Egg 3 of 15
    Pancake Sandwich With Bacon And Egg
    What is it with men and wanting to just pile all their food together? Well, at least this recipe goes along with that concept of making a sandwich out of all your breakfast food.
    Make dad a pancake sandwich with bacon and egg
  • Kona Coffee Rubbed Steak 4 of 15
    Kona Coffee Rubbed Steak
    Hey, the steak has coffee RUBBED onto it. I say serve this up with some eggs and black coffee.
    Make dad a Kona coffee rubbed steak
  • Brown Sugar, Banana Bacon Pancakes 5 of 15
    Brown Sugar, Banana Bacon Pancakes
    When I saw this recipe for pancakes with bacon and banana and the sweetness of brown sugar, I knew I had to make this for my husband knowing that he would go crazy for it and the rest of us would too.
    Make dad a Brown sugar, banana bacon pancakes
  • Bacon Jam 6 of 15
    Bacon Jam
    Because dad is going to need something to put on those biscuits. The recipe is pretty simple too, so I can pull it off just in time.
    Make dad some bacon jam
  • Bacon Cheddar Biscuits 7 of 15
    Bacon Cheddar Biscuits
    These are the perfect biscuits to slather with bacon jam. Sweet with savory, yes please!
    Make dad some bacon cheddar biscuits
  • Bacon, Egg & Sausage Breakfast Pizza 8 of 15
    Bacon, Egg & Sausage Breakfast Pizza
    Dudes like pizza, therefore dudes will like breakfast pizza. Yes, it's that simple.
    Make dad some bacon egg & sausage breakfast pizza
  • Eat Big For Breakfast: Texas Baked Biscuits 9 of 15
    Eat Big For Breakfast: Texas Baked Biscuits
    The title says eat big for breakfast and the recipe calls for those giant rolls. Dads like big food and big comfort breakfast foods like this, dads love.
    Make dad some Texas baked biscuits
  • Eggs Baked In Ham Cups 10 of 15
    Eggs Baked In Ham Cups
    These are easy to make, just stick ham in a muffin tin, fill with egg and bake. Dad will think you worked all day on this breakfast artwork.
    Make dad some eggs baked in ham cups
  • Corned Beef Hash 11 of 15
    Corned Beef Hash
    There's just something about taking last night corned beef, chopping it up with potatoes and serving with eggs that makes dads go gaga.
    Make dad some corned beef hash
  • Dill Breakfast Potatoes 12 of 15
    Dill Breakfast Potatoes
    This is one of my husbands favorite breakfast foods. There's just something special about potatoes, with dill and melted cheddar.
    Make dad some dill breakfast potatoes
  • Just Like Dunkin’ Donuts: Homemade Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes 13 of 15
    Just Like Dunkin' Donuts: Homemade Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes
    Dad's devour donuts, so make him this special recipe that tastes just like the real thing. He will be totally impressed with your mad skillz.
    Make dad some homemade cinnamon sugar donut holes
  • Homemade Bloody Mary’s 14 of 15
    Homemade Bloody Mary's
    Dad needs something to wash down all these stick to your ribs recipes and a tasty bloody mary is just the thing.
    Make dad some homemade bloody mary's
  • Bloody Mary Butter 15 of 15
    Bloody Mary Butter
    What? Bloody Mary butter? This is just awesome and needs to be spread on the other half of those bacon cheddar biscuits.
    Make dad some bloody mary butter

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