15 Recipes to Power-Up with Beans!

Beans are a superstar food. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, low in fat, high in fiber, and a good source of vegan / vegetarian protein. In fact, most beans contain anywhere from 13 to 25 grams of protein per cup, with soy beans being one of the richest bean protein sources. And not only do beans fill you up with healthy nutrients, but they are incredibly versatile in how you serve them! Check out these 15 veggie bean recipes, each featuring a different way to serve up healthy-delicious beans. Even meat lovers will adore these dishes. From bean balls and bean pasta to bean burgers and bean dip get inspired to put beans on your menu this week!..

  • Baked Beans 1 of 15
    It's easy to love beans when they come steaming hot, straight from the oven. Homemade baked beans are a classic comfort food for a reason. This fiesta version is one recipe to try.
    Make lime fiesta baked beans
  • Bean Toast 2 of 15
    Enjoying beans doesn't have to be a long cooking process. In fact, with the help of flavorful canned beans like refried beans - you can have this delicious taco toast on your table in a flash!
    Make speedy taco toast
  • Bean Burgers 3 of 15
    One of my favorite ways to eat beans is via tasty, hearty bean veggie burgers! These white bean burgers complete with vegan cheese are quite a hit for dinnertime.
    Make white bean burgers
  • Creamy Bean Stew 4 of 15
    Beans cook up nice and creamy and are the perfect hearty, healthy base for creamy stews and soups. This vegan version of Senate Bean Soup has a smoky potato-bean flavor.
    Make Senate bean soup
  • Bean Fritters 5 of 15
    Gently pan-fried chickpea bean fritters are delicious served warm and toasty from the skillet! They could easily replace the main course of your meal with a nutrient-rich bean-based recipe.
    Make spinach coconut chickpea fritters
  • Bean Chili 6 of 15
    Chili is a classic bean-infused dish. Serve alongside some hearty cornbread for a true one pot wonder meal..
    Make vegan bean chili
  • Bean Wrap 7 of 15
    This savory sweet wrap recipe combines tart sweet cranberries with savory warm chickpea beans. This creative recipe makes a delicious lunch or dinner handheld feast.
    Make a cranberry chickpea wrap
  • Bean Soup 8 of 15
    Did you know that many beans such as red and kidney beans contain a high amount of antioxidants? This red kidney bean soup is one way to infuse your day with healthy nutrients and cozy flavor..
    Make a kidney bean soup
  • Bean Dip 9 of 15
    Hummus is a classic vegetarian favorite bean recipe. This sun-dried tomato version is perfect for spreading on sandwiches, or pairing with dippable veggie sticks.
    Make sun-dried tomato bean hummus
  • Bean Sandwich 10 of 15
    Beans on a sandwich, really? Oh yes! Beans can easily be served pressed between to slices of bread. Grilled on a panini press is even better.
    Make an easy beany panini
  • Bean Burrito 11 of 15
    Stuff a tortilla with delicious fiesta ingredients for a hearty bean burrito. Try rice, veggies, avocado, salsa and more!
    Make bean burritos
  • Bean Croquettes 12 of 15
    These tender pan-fried bean croquettes are speckled with flavorful bits like veggies and vegan cheese.
    Make cheesy pumpkin chickpea croquettes
  • Easy Bean Salad 13 of 15
    This lemon pepper, two-bean salad has nine grams of protein per cup. Zesty flavors infuse each bean bite. Serve chilled as is or over top your favorite salad recipe.
    Make two bean salad, recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Bean Balls 14 of 15
    These tender bean balls combine the sweetness of corn with the fluffy texture of mashed beans. These tasty bean bites are sure to impress!
    Make corn cake bean balls, recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Bean Pasta 15 of 15
    One easy way to add vegetarian protein to pasta night is to toss some beans right into your pasta bowl!
    Make bean pasta, recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.

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