15 Savory Baked Breakfasts for Fall

One of the best parts about cold fall and winter mornings, I think, is a piping hot breakfast straight from the oven. My favorite kinds of these breakfasts are savory baked breakfasts like eggs, savory breakfast enchiladas, and vegetable bread puddings. For some reason things like this taste so good to me while I sip my tea. I also try to fill them with lots of eggs and meats for protein to hold me throughout the day. Here are some delicious savory baked breakfasts that would be delicious to make this fall. You can even make these for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning!

  • 15 Savory Baked Breakfasts for Fall 1 of 16
    15 Easy Savory Baked Breakfasts for Fall

    These delicious savory breakfast bakes are perfect for serving up this fall with a crowd gathered at the table. Click through for delicious recipe ideas!

  • Mushroom & Leek Quiche 2 of 16
    mushroom and leek quiche

    This terrific savory quiche is perfect for a fall breakfast. Serve it up with a bright green salad or some fall apple muffins on the side!

    Photo: Brooklyn Supper

  • Kale & Cheddar Strata 3 of 16
    kale strata

    This awesome, easy strata is the perfect kind of breakfast bake. It is filled with rich autumn flavors and is a great way to get your greens!

    Photo: Brooklyn Supper

  • Pumpkin Quiche 4 of 16
    pumpkin quiche

    This amazing savory quiche is perfect for a fall breakfast. Everyone will love the sweet pumpkin flavor. You'll love how easy it is to pull together!

    Photo: Angie McGowan

  • Baked Huevos Rancheros 5 of 16
    baked huevos rancheros

    If you have a muffin tin on hand you are all set to make these terrific savory breakfast bites. They are a cinch to pull together and slip in the oven while the day gets started!

    Photo: Created by Diane

  • Baked Eggs with Herbs & Tomatoes 6 of 16
    baked eggs with herbs and tomatoes

    This delicious savory egg bake is perfect for a fall morning. Use up the last of your fresh herbs, or dig out some frozen ones from the freezer. Then bake them up to savory deliciousness!

    Photo: Brooklyn Supper

  • Breakfast Enchiladas 7 of 16
    Breakfast Enchiladas

    Give your breakfast a Mexican twist with the savory baked enchiladas. They are ideal for serving up on a weekend or when you have guests. Everyone will love such a festive start to their day!

    Photo: Shaina Olmanson

  • Baked Eggs in Ham Cups 8 of 16
    Baked Eggs in Ham Cups

    These cute savory bacon and egg cups are perfect for a quick breakfast. They are packed with protein and will please the whole family!

    Photo: Julie VR

  • Zucchini, Pepper, and Feta Frittata 9 of 16
    Zucchini Frittata

    This awesome frittata is easy and delicious. You can use all kinds of vegetables and slip it in the oven when you are ready to toast up the cheesy topping!

    Photo: Kelsey Banfield

  • Texas Baked Egg Biscuits 10 of 16
    Baked Egg Biscuits

    This amazing baked egg recipe is so delicious. The eggs are baked into savory biscuits and they taste incredible. Serve them up for a holiday breakfast or just on any old day before school!

    Photo: Brooke McLay

  • Ciabatta Breakfast Bake 11 of 16
    Ciabatta Breakfast Bake

    This delicious savory baked bread recipe is terrific for a fall breakfast. Everyone will love how inventive it is. If you want to add some amazing flavor try stirring in some fresh vegetables.

    Photo: Kelsey Banfield

  • Baked Eggs in Pasta Nests 12 of 16
    Baked Eggs in Pasta Nests

    If you are looking for a savory breakfast that will give you a totally new take on pasta try this baked eggs in pasta nests. Everyone will be wowed when you put it on the table. Be sure to serve it with spoons for twirling!

    Photo: Brooke McLay

  • Potato Bites 13 of 16
    Potato Bites

    These super awesome potato bites are perfect for making in a muffin tin when you need a fast, delicious breakfast. Fill each tin, slip them in the oven, and an easy savory breakfast is ready!

    Photo: Macki Cayloma

  • Savory Breakfast Casserole 14 of 16
    Savory Breakfast Casserole

    This awesome, easy breakfast casserole is chock full of vegetables and bacon. It is perfect for making up whenever you need it. It can even be prepared in advance!

    Photo: Spoonful.com

  • Bacon & Egg Breakfast Casseroles 15 of 16
    Bacon & Egg Breakfast

    These genius baked breakfast buns are so much fun for serving to kids and adults. Make them with your favorite biscuit dough recipe. You can even stuff them with any savory filling you want!

    Photo: Julie VR

  • Crustless Quiche on Biscuits 16 of 16
    Crustless Quiche on Biscuits

    This savory breakfast bake is so cool to make and even more fun to eat. You bake it like one giant sandwich and then cut it up and serve it to everyone at the table. Make it as savory as you want by adding new and unusual flavors.

    Photo: Jaime Richardson

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