15 Top Food Trends For 2011

You saw what we didn’t like this year. What did we all like in 2011? Go and see.

  • Whoopie Pie 1 of 15
    Whoopie Pie
    From savory to sweet everyone seems to want in on the cake/cookie with yummy fillings.
    Make your own whoopie pie at The Kitchn
  • Cake in a Jar 2 of 15
    Cake in a Jar
    Did you know you can make someone a cake in jar, seal it and mail it to them. I'm filing this away for when the kids go off to college.
    Make your own cake in a jar
  • Rainbows Everywhere, Even Cake! 3 of 15
    Rainbows Everywhere, Even Cake!
    Rainbows everywhere and why not? They are fun and happy and beautiful.
    Learn how to make a rainbow cake from Sweetapolita
  • Going Local 4 of 15
    Going Local
    From restaurants to home cooks, many of us are turning to local foods to fill our pantry.
    See what you can get in a Local Veggie Surprise Box
  • Kids Meals Gone Healthier 5 of 15
    Kids Meals Gone Healthier
    I know, it's still a happy meal, but now they come with apples and milk and the tiniest amount of fries.
    Check out the new Happy Meal at McDonald's
  • Chefs Preparing School Lunches 6 of 15
    Chefs Preparing School Lunches
    School lunches are getting a makeover. Many top chefs are going in and overhauling the glop. Yay for our kiddos!
    Read more about it at Guiding Stars
  • Gluten Free Options Galore 7 of 15
    Gluten Free Options Galore
    For many this is a serious medical issue and eating GF has become increasingly easier to do from a GF aisle in the market to GF bakeries.
    Read about one GF life at Gluten Is My Bitch
  • Pies of Every Kind 8 of 15
    Pies of Every Kind
    Cupcakes are so yesterday. This year was all about the pie, sweet and savory, big and small.
    Make your own from The Kitchn
  • Preserving, Canning 9 of 15
    Preserving, Canning
    Head on back to grannies day by preserving your garden bounty. There's not much better than opening your pantry to glass jars of home preserved goodness.
    Learn how to can from Sweet Preservation
  • Booze Pops 10 of 15
    Booze Pops
    It may be the dead of winter, but I can still imagine a hot summer day sucking on boozy popsicle.
    Learn how to make your own boozy pops at Bakers Royale
  • Salted Caramel Dessert Galore 11 of 15
    Salted Caramel Dessert Galore
    Salted Caramel has now infiltrating all desserts from cupcakes to ice cream. Yum and thank you.
    Check out some salted caramels at The Nibble
  • French Macarons 12 of 15
    French Macarons
    They are so pretty. I love walking into a bakery with a huge display of every variety.
    Check these macarons out at Mommie 911
  • Haute Dogs 13 of 15
    Haute Dogs
    The burger has been hogging all the dress up clothes, time for the dog to be center stage.
    Drool over this haute dog at Houston Press
  • Cooking With Your Kids 14 of 15
    Cooking With Your Kids
    That's what I do with my 6 year old and my 2 year old.
    Check out Cooking With My Kid
  • Home Brew 15 of 15
    Home Brew
    My dad is the master home brewer. He is even making a huge batch for my sisters upcoming nuptials.
    Learn how to brew your own at My Everyday Life

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