15 Ways to Use a Black Banana

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I tend to get a little ambitious about my banana buying. Everytime I buy a bunch of bananas, I’m sure we’ll gnaw our way through them once they hit their four-hour peak of perfection…that ideal moment in time when they are neither green nor bruised, perfectly and ever-so-barely yellow. Apparently, however, that four-hour window happens in three seconds flat, and I’m left with a bin of black bananas before I even remember I’d purchased them in the first place. Good luck. There are more than a few incredible recipes that require a good, overripe banana. From twists on the traditional banana quick bread, to decadent banana cakes and other fun desserts, here are 15 recipes that will use up those black bananas in no time at all!

  • Make Banana Flax Bread 1 of 15
    Take traditional banana bread to the next level with this beautiful Banana Flax Bread. The simple addition of flax keeps the final loaf moist while lending extra fiber.
    Get the recipe for Banana Flax Bread
  • Turn ‘Em Into Pie 2 of 15
    Who says black bananas are useless? Try this incredible Frozen Banana Walnut Toffee Pie and turn those overripe bananas into a decadent dessert!
    Get the recipe for Banana Walnut Toffee Pie
  • Pop ‘Em In Pancakes 3 of 15
    Carmelized Banana Pancakes turn plain old bananas into a gourmet breakfast, but you don't have to take all day to make this fancy schmancy recipe. It's supremely easy to toss together!
    Get the recipe for Caramelized Banana Pancakes
  • Add Them to Avocado 4 of 15
    Add avocado to your banana bread for a moist, healthy take on banana bread. The flavor of the avocado bakes out, so all you have left is a beautiful bread that you'll want to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, and midnight snacking!
    Get the recipe for Avocado Banana Bread
  • Toss Them in With Strawberries 5 of 15
    This beautiful recipe for Strawberry Banana Bread was a top visited recipe when first posted here on The Family Kitchen. Try it and see why it became an instant classic!
    Get the recipe for Strawberry Banana Bread
  • Turn Them Into French Toast 6 of 15
    Banana Split French Toast isn't just a pretty recipe, it's positively delicious! A great birthday-morning breakfast!
    Get the recipe for Banana Split French Toast
  • Blend Them Into a Smoothie 7 of 15
    Mango Banana Smoothie may be the best and simplest way to blend mangos and black bananas into a naturally sweet drink.
    Get the recipe for Mango Banana Smoothie
  • Whip Them Into Ice Cream 8 of 15
    If you've got black bananas, you need just one more ingredient to toss together a batch of this delicious Two-Ingredient Chocolate Banana Ice Cream!
    Get the recipe for Two-Ingredient Chocolate Banana Ice Cream
  • Toast Them for Breakfast 9 of 15
    Turn those black bananas into banana bread. Then, turn that banana bread into Banana Bread French Toast!
    Get the recipe for Banana Bread French Toast
  • Celebrate Elvis With Them! 10 of 15
    The king of desserts! Try this Peanut Butter Banana Elvis Cake and get a hunka hunka burning love, right in your own kitchen.
    Get the recipe for Peanut Butter Banana Elvis Cake
  • Use Them to Make a Vegan Dessert 11 of 15
    Peanut Butter Banana No Cook Pudding makes quick work of overripe bananas. Plus…it's vegan. How excited are we right now?!
    Get our recipe for Peanut Butter Banana No Cook Pudding
  • Stir Them Into Homemade Ice Cream 12 of 15
    Craving some banana cream pie? Try this recipe for Banana Bread Ice Cream and get the best of all worlds. Cooler than pie, full of fantastic flavor. You're destined to love this recipe.
    Get the recipe for Banana Bread Ice Cream
  • Fry Them Into Dessert 13 of 15
    How deeeelicious are empanandas? I know, right?! Now imagine them made into Baked Banana Empanadas. Yep. That is totally going to happen in your kitchen.
    Get the recipe for Baked Banana Empanadas
  • Make A Fun Drink 14 of 15
    If your kids love chocolate milk, indulge their fancies while bumping up the nutritional value with the added benefit of bananas. This recipe for Chocolate Milk with Bananas shows you how!
    < Get the recipe for Real Food Banana Chocolate Milk
  • Bake Them Into Bread 15 of 15
    Turn traditional banana bread into this gorgeous, two-toned Black Bottomed Banana Bread!
    Get the recipe for Black Bottomed Banana Bread

Looking for the best way to freeze your overripe bananas until you’re ready to use them? Check out our tips on freezing bananas in plastic bags.

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