16 Delicious Roasted Nut Recipes for Your Holiday Party

Nuts are a favorite snack around our house during the holidays — or any day, for that matter. I make roasted nuts for Scout campouts for my son,  game day and tailgating munchies, holiday appetizers or snacks, dessert and salad toppings, or just for me when I am working around the house, and to top salads and desserts.  There is nothing easier to make or that pleases a crowd at my house more than roasted nuts. Why not make one, or a bunch, of these delicious roasted nut nibbles for the holidays or for a nibble right now?

  • 16 Roasted Nut Nibbles for the Holidays 1 of 17
    16 Roasted Nut Nibbles for the Holidays

    For sweet and spicy snacks for the holidays, click through for easy, roasted nut recipes. 

  • Candied Almonds 2 of 17
    Candied Almonds

    Candied almonds are a sweet yet simple recipe. The honey, cinnamon, and brown sugar add just the right combination of spice and sweet. 

    Source:  She Wears Many Hats

  • Roasted Pecan Halves 3 of 17
    Roasted Pecans

    Roasted pecan halves are great for a snack at a party or family get-together during the holidays. They add just the prefect touch to many holiday salads, too. This simple recipe is one I use not only for holidays but throughout the year. 

    Source:  Add a Pinch

  • Maple Chipotle Spiced Nuts 4 of 17
    Maple Chipotle Spiced Nuts

    For a spicy and sweet snack for the holidays, make these maple chipotle spiced nuts. These are a welcome treat to have around the house any time. Don't you deserve a treat today?

    Source:  Ingredients, Inc.

  • Spiced Rosemary and Thyme Nuts 5 of 17
    Rosemary and Thyme Roasted Nuts

    Spiced rosemary and thyme nuts combine fresh herbs with savory spices for a  holiday treat you will make over and over. Give them as a gift to a friend or just as a gift  for your family. 

    Source:  A Farm Girl's Dabbles

  • Maple Citrus Roasted Pecans 6 of 17
    Maple Citrus Roasted Pecans

    For a pecan treat that is not overly sweet, try these maple citrus roasted pecans. This is a snack not only for winter holidays but those throughout the year. Better yet, make up a holiday just to have these for yourself. 

    Source:  Family Fresh Cooking

  • Cocoa Cardamon Espresso Roasted Almonds 7 of 17
    Cocoa Cardamon Espresso Roasted Almonds

    What is there not to love in the flavor combination in cocoa cardamon espresso roasted almonds? Chocolate enriched with espresso and cardamon with a little sweetness added. Oh, my! That is my kind of holiday snack!

    Source:  My Kitchen Addiction

  • Rosemary Roasted Walnuts 8 of 17
    Rosemary Roasted Walnuts

    Rosemary roasted walnuts are a snack you will make not only as a holiday treat but just for everyday munching. The heat from cayenne and flavor of fresh rosemary and a touch of sweetness are a perfect combination in this recipe.

    Source:  My Kitchen Addiction


  • Spicy Cocoa Roasted Almonds 9 of 17
    Spicy Cocoa Roasted Almonds

    Spicy cocoa roasted almonds have Mexican flair with a hint of cayenne and cinnamon. Add cocoa and the other ingredients and you have a holiday treat that your friends will be requesting each time they visit. 

    Source:  My Kitchen Addiction

  • Chai Spiced Roasted Almonds 10 of 17
    Chai Spiced Roasted Almonds

    For a unique flavor for roasted nuts, you must try the chai spiced roasted almonds. These are an easy treat to make for snacks before your holiday meal. You'll need to make extra because your guests will want to take some home with them.

    Source:  My Kitchen Addiction

  • Rosemary Chipotle Spiced Nuts 11 of 17
    Rosemary Chipolte Spiced Nuts

    Rosemary chipotle spiced nuts are a healthy snack during the holidays or any day. The mixture of almonds, pecans, and walnuts with rosemary and chipotle seasoning create a spicy treat you can use for snacks, gifts, or add to salads and other holiday dishes.  

    Source:  Ingredients, Inc.

  • Peg’s Spiced Nuts 12 of 17
    Peg's Spiced Nuts

    For a holiday treat with a combination of savory and sweet with a touch of heat, try this recipe for Peg's spiced nuts. These make a favorite treat for a gift bag.

    Source:  A Farm Girl's Dabbles

  • Cinnamon Pecans 13 of 17
    Cinnamon Pecans

    Cinnamon pecans are such a delicious treat that take only a few minutes to roast in a skillet for a holiday snack.  I include these in a gift bag for friends or in a goodie bag for my family as we travel during the holiday season. 

    Source:  Add a Pinch

  • Spiced Almonds and Pecans 14 of 17
    Spiced Almonds and Pecans

    Spiced almonds and pecans are made without butter or oil for a lower fat snack. They still have the same sweet and spicy taste. Top a salad of greens and fruit, or a dessert, with these nuts to add that extra bit of deliciousness!

    Source:  Ingredients, Inc. 

  • Chipotle Spiced Peanuts 15 of 17
    Chipotle Spiced Peanuts

    For a spicy nut treat with a little heat, make these chipotle spiced peanuts. They are great for game day party, tailgating, or holiday celebrations. 

    Source:  Ingredients, Inc.

  • Sweet and Spicy Mixed Nuts 16 of 17
    Sweet and Spicy Mixed Nuts

    If you are like me, I like a savory snack during the holidays to balance all the sweet treats. Sweet and spicy mixed nuts have just that savory and spicy taste with a hint of sweetness that is just right. 

    Source:  Brown Eyed Baker

  • Espresso Glazed Nuts 17 of 17
    Espresso Glazed Nuts

    For a healthy snack with a surprising hint of coffee flavor, you must make espresso glazed nuts. They have just the right amount of sweetness that I like in a holiday treat. 

    Source:  Half Baked Harvest

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