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  • A Breakfast Sandwich 3 Ways 1 of 16
    A Breakfast Sandwich 3 Ways
    Sick of serving your family everyday egg and cheese? We’ve got three tasty recipes that’ll spice up this morning classic — and, as a perk, they’re super-easy to make.
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  • BBQ Pork Sandwiches 2 of 16
    BBQ Pork Sandwiches
    Forget the all-day braising and shredding: This savory pork sandwich is a kitchen staple and only takes a half an hour to make! Perfect for busy parents without a smoke shack in the backyard.
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  • Chicken Panini with Artichoke Olive Tapenade, Roasted Bell Peppers and Caramelized Onions 3 of 16
    Chicken Panini with Artichoke Olive Tapenade, Roasted Bell Peppers and Caramelized Onions

    It sounds complicated and fancy, but the only thing tricky about this full-flavor panini is how to keep it on the table long enough to enjoy it!
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  • Monte Cristo Panini 4 of 16
    Monte Cristo Panini
    Romanticize your next ham and cheese sandwich by putting it on French toast. Egg-battered bread, powdered sugar and raspberry preserves add a decadence to this sandwich that your family will fall in love with.
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  • Sloppy Joes 5 of 16
    Sloppy Joes
    This classic standby has all the flavor of the original but sneaks in a little veggie action to up the nutrition factor. Don't worry, your kids won't notice the healthy twist.
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  • Jamon, Vegetables, and Mozzarella Panini 6 of 16
    Jamon, Vegetables, and Mozzarella Panini
    This takes your standard ham-and-cheese to the next level. Salty Spanish jamon ham and dense fresh mozzarella will have you singing the praises of blending cultures. Don't be surprised if your kids ask you to pack it in their lunchbox.
    Make Jamon, Vegetables, and Mozzarella Paninis »
  • The Stanwich 7 of 16
    The Stanwich
    This isn’t just a sandwich, it’s a Stanwich. Not only is this dish named after the chef’s husband (it’s his favorite meal), it’s also the ultimate breakfast with crispy bacon, melted cheese, perfectly-cooked eggs and a spicy kick.
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  • Raspberry Nutella Panini 8 of 16
    Raspberry Nutella Panini
    This sinful sandwich of sweet raspberries, brie and Nutella is like having a grilled cheese for dessert.
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  • Egg Salad Wraps 9 of 16
    Egg Salad Wraps
    Get out of the egg salad rut with this new twist: adding avocado to this wrap provides a subtle creaminess that complements all the flavors. Your kids will appreciate this variety.
    Make Egg Salad Wraps »
  • Ham 10 of 16
    Taking a plain old ham and cheese and throwing it in a panini machine instantly gives this sandwich a cool new lease on life. And since it doesn’t require as much butter or oil to cook, it’s a
    little healthier too.
    Make Ham & Cheese Paninis »
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwiches 11 of 16
    Spicy Chicken Sandwiches
    Ridiculously easy and ridiculously delicious, this spicy chicken sandwich is real fast food — no drive-thru necessary!
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  • Crust-less Quiche on Biscuits 12 of 16
    Crust-less Quiche on Biscuits
    Quiche alone makes for a great meal, but adding bacon and serving it on a homemade cheddar biscuit? That’s change we can believe in — just don’t tell our cardiologist.
    Make Crust-less Quiche on Biscuits »
  • Cuban Sandwich 13 of 16
    Cuban Sandwich
    Heat up the panini press and re-route your kitchen to Havana with this savory Cuban classic.
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  • Ice Cream Sandwich 14 of 16
    Ice Cream Sandwich
    There is nothing better on a hot day than an ice cream sandwich, and no store-bought frozen treat is as fun and yummy as a homemade one. Fresh chocolate chip cookies and creamy vanilla ice cream is a culinary win-win.
    Make Ice Cream Sandwich »
  • Croque Monsieur 15 of 16
    Croque Monsieur
    The classic French sandwich is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. How can you deny the perfect combination of gooey, melty cheese and warm, thinly-sliced ham? Cut them into squares for kids party snacks.
    Make Croque Monsieur »
  • Curried Chicken Salad 16 of 16
    Curried Chicken Salad
    Does your family enjoy spicier foods? Kick up your original chicken salad recipe with some curry and a little Dijon — your tastebuds will thank you!
    Make Curried Chicken Salad »

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