15 Vegan Sweet Potato Recipes

If you love sweet potatoes, you are probably always looking for creative new ways to serve them at mealtime. Well these sweet potato recipes cover a lot of creative ground!

Try sweet potato veggie burgers, sweet potato pizza, sweet potato spirals, sweet potato soups and even sweet potatoes that are stuffed to the max, overflowing with delicious toppings. Read on to get sweet potato inspired!

1. Sweet Potato Soup for Two

Sweet Potato Soup for Two
Image Source: Kathy Patalsky

Try this creamy, baked sweet potato soup for two, topped with onion, tomato and chives.
Make baked sweet potato soup

2. Sticky Sweet White Sweet Potato

Sticky Sweet White Sweet Potato
Image Source: Kathy Patalsky

If you love golden sweet potatoes, try this sticky sweet white version.
Make a baked white sweet potato

3. Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers

Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers
Image Source: Kathy Patalsky

These easy sweet potato veggie burgers will quickly become a household favorite!
Make a sweet potato veggie burgers, recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.

4. Sweet Potato Mash

Sweet Potato Mash
Image Source: Jamie Richardson

This creative way to serve sweet potato mash includes using both sweet potato and white russet potato!
Make sweet potato mash

5. Sweet Potato Sandwich Spread

Sweet Potato Sandwich Spread
Image Source: Kathy Patalsky

Liven up almost any favorite sandwich recipe by infusing the layers with this sweet and savory sweet potato spread.Make sweet potato sandwich spread

6. Sweet Potato Biscuits

Sweet Potato Biscuits
Image Source: Kathy Patalsky

These tender sweet potato biscuits are easy to make and accent any comfort food-style meal perfectly. Especially hot soup!
Make sweet potato biscuits

7. Sweet Potato Cut-Outs

Sweet Potato Cut-Outs
Image Source: Brooke McLay

These super fun sweet potato rounds can match all sorts of festive occasions. Try hearts on Valentine’s Day, shamrocks on St. Patty’s Day and these pumpkins on Halloween.
Make sweet potato cut-outs

8. Grilled Sweet Potato Salad

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad
Image Source: Aggie’s Kitchen

This lively salad puts a grilled veggie spin on sweet, tender sweet potatoes.
Make grilled sweet potato salad

9. Sweet Potato Pizza

Sweet Potato Pizza
Image Source: Kathy Patalsky

This fun sweet potato pizza is infused with lively citrus and nutty chopped pecan flavors.
Make a sweet potato pizza, recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.

10. Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries
Image Source: Macki West

These delicious spicy sweet potato wedges couldn’t be simpler to make! Just add some accent ingredients and bake. photo: mackicayloma
Make sweet potato fries

11. Sweet Potato Kale Soup

Sweet Potato Kale Soup
Image Source: Kathy Patalsky

This creamy sweet potato soup includes healthy green kale in each cozy spoonful. Add some crusty bread on the side, slathered in vegenaise.
Make sweet potato kale soup

12. Sweet Potato Spirals

Sweet Potato Spirals
Image Source: Kathy Patalsky

Kids will love to help you make these sweet potato spirals! Lavash or wrap bread is slathered in toppings and rolled into a fun, bite-size, spiral shape.
Make a sweet potato spirals, recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.

13. Sweet Potato Mac and Cheez

Sweet Potato Mac and Cheez
Image Source: Kathy Patalsky

This creamy mac and cheese is made using creamy sweet potatoes.
Make a sweet potato Mac and Cheez, recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.

14. Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup

Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup
Image Source: Kathy Patalsky

This chipotle sweet potato soup is accented with chopped avocado and crushed tortilla chips for a delicious fiesta spin.
Make sweet potato chipotle soup with avocado, recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.

15. Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Image Source: Kathy Patalsky

Turn your favorite potato into a meal by stuffing it with goodies like veggies, quinoa, beans and more!
Make over-stuffed sweet potatoes, recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.



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